26.2 Minute Antelope Stickers to Benefit The Mockingbird Foundation

These stickers, made by John Stimberis (Stimbuck) reflect on the ever-present Marathon stickers that say 13.1, 26.2, etc… depending on how much distance running you fancy. Phish fans might like to run, but we do prefer a nice long ‘Run Like an Antelope’ as well. So this sticker is tongue-in-cheek towards runners out there, in a way only phans can understand.

To purchase this sticker, follow these steps:

Step 1) Go to mbird.org
Step 2) Donate at least $5
Step 3) Send your receipt, along with your name and mailing address to stimbuck (at) gmail.com
Step 4) Receive one decal for every $5 donated


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