42 Degrees Art Gallery in Glens Falls features PhanArt and PhanArtists!

Not all galleries are the same.

In fact, you find very few that are much alike. While they all adhere to the same purpose (to display – and usually sell – pieces of art), each conveys its goal in very different ways.

One of the area’s more unconventional galleries is 42 Degrees, a new space that recently opened in downtown Glens Falls. Just a stone’s throw away from the city’s hospital, 42 Degrees specializes in Phan-Art – a form of art made famous by the band Phish that is used as promotion for concerts, musical events and pop culture.

“We really would like to go in that direction,” co-owner Mike Chowske said.

While many of the artists in the shop are local, the Phan-Art artists are drawn from throughout the country with the help of Albany-based author Pete Mason.

“(Mason) put out a book on Phan-Art, and we got in touch with the artists through him,” said co-owner Jon King.

The shop’s Phan-Art designers come from diverse locales, including Hartford, Conn., and Berkeley, Calif.

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