AJ Masthay Albany print – ‘Terror Gnome’

With fall tour comes yet another Amazing AJ Masthay print!

The first of a few prints he is releasing for this tour is “The Arena”.  Although you could call it The Times Union Center, The Pepsi Arena, or everyone’s favorite, the original, The Knick(erbocker) Arena. For this poster, just for brevity’s sake, AJ sticks “The Arena”

With 8 colors total, this is a poster with a smaller edition of 75. The ink on these is extra thick, so it looks like that super shiny, raised off the paper, stink that runs up your nostrils thick. Good stuff.

Masthay is looking to convey a sense of autumn, hence the wooded path. This poster more than others in his collection tells a story, but what is happening in the story is up to your imagination.  What is the book in the gnome’s hands? The HPB? PhanArt? Dianetics? ? Is he walking towards you or away from you? Is he being chased? These questions are best pondered and answered by picking up the poster.  Order info below.

Albany Gnome, by AJ MasthayTerror Gnome’, by AJ Masthay

These prints will be onsale at 12 Noon EST, Tuesday, November 17, 2009. Prints are limited to 2 per person.  you can pick them up at www.masthaystudios.com

AJ has at least one more edition that he will be releasing before the tour starts. Keep an eye out for another announcement shortly. Feel free to contact AJ at aj@masthaystudios with any questions.

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