AJ Masthay NYE MSG presale information

A holiday pre-sale message from AJ Masthay

Hard to believe it’s already December 1st and the short holiday run is literally right around the corner. I’ve been incredibly busy in the studio working on a very exciting set of prints for the Umphrey’s McGee New Years run at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. UM currently has a presale going on for the sets and released the image to the right, but Ill also have a small allotment of prints available after New Years. I’ll be wrapping up these sets early next week and will be turning my attention to MSG.

Surprise, surprise – it’s a triptych, but I think it’s a pretty kick-ass one if I do say so myself. Whenever I think of New Years I think back to my first two shows, 12/29/93 and 12/31/93the fish tank stage (yes, I skipped 12/30 = EPIC FAIL). These images are highly influenced by the memories of day-glow fish and giant clams, I also wondered what it would look like if MSG had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, black smokers spewing clouds of silt and tube worms taking over the 300 and 400 sections.

Anyway, check it out yourself on my store page where I have links to detailed photos of the sketches. These will be 7 color linoleum block prints in an edition of 111 on Canson edition antique white paper stock. A special presale will begin this Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12 Noon EST on my website. During the presale I’ll be including insured shipping in the cost of $100 per set. These prints will be completed and shipped prior to Christmas.

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