Alpine Valley Resort Lodge to Host PhanArt on July 27

On Saturday, July 27, Alpine Valley Resort Lodge will once again host PhanArt from 1pm-6pm, prior to the Phish show at Alpine Valley Music Theatre that evening.

The 2022 event was a great success, and plans are in place to make this an even better event in 2024. Plan to arrive early and find the best selection and exclusive art and special offers from this year’s artists.

New for 2024 is Parking that will be available at the Lodge while attending the PhanArt show.

Temporary parking will be allowed at during the PhanArt Show, but you must move your car after coming to the PhanArt show. Without a parking pass your car could be towed!

Parking for the duration of the PhanArt Show will utilize the ski hill on the far side of Sugar Creek, on the opposite side of the venue from the parking lot. You’ll be directed to drive around the Lodge to this parking area, and all attendees will need to use this parking scheme for PhanArt access.

There will be parking attendants on duty during the event, and all cars must be moved following the PhanArt show (no later than 630pm) or your car may be towed.

If you are staying at the Lodge, you can park in the Lodge parking lot with a pass from the Lodge. You can also park at Alpine Valley Music Theatre and walk over to the Lodge, just do not plan to park at the Lodge during the Phish show.

Interested vendors and artists, please contact for more info. See ya there!

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