Artbeat of America: A Bluegrass Bazaar Saturday, February 24 Vendor Line-Up and Exclusive Art

ArtBeat of America: a Bluegrass Bazaar presented by PhanArt returns to New Heights Brewing in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, February 24th from 1-6pm. Check out on the amazing vendor line up and brand new exclusive art!

First things first – bring warm clothes to donate to H33ling the Herd’s 2nd Annual Winter Clothing Drive!

Baba Cool

Baba Cool has been making lyrically-inspired sunglasses since 2015! Everything is designed and made by Brooke, with quality and style in mind.

Daffodil Daydream

Daffodil Daydream Designs was born in the Fall of 2022 and specializes in handmade hats & thrifted clothing, as well as an array of different jewelry (ear cuffs, necklace, & bracelets). Each product is inspired by both the festival and jam band scenes, providing comfortable, funky fashions to highlight a beautiful humans personality.

Croshier Designs

Matt Croshier is a multimedia artist well known to the scene, specializing in fan art for his favorite bands – since 2016.

Headdy Hardware

Headdy Hardware is home to the visual creations of Sean Williams, an illustrator based out of Nashville, Tn. Sean has been an independent artist and illustrator since 2007, focusing on the surrealism of everyday life.

Meet Me at Lot

Lucas McDonough started making screen printed T-shirts for his friends in 2006 before expanding his creations with: Stickers, Flags, Pins and few other things. Meet Me At Lot has been his brand since 2021.

Fiddle & Feather

Fiddle and Feather started on a whim after Billy tour last Spring. Next thing you know artist, Carleen, purchased an embroidery machine and started a clothing brand.

Original Lane Art

Original Lane Art is the brand of Kyle Lane, a Midwest artist that has been assembling creations full-time for the past 7 years.

Smiles With Her Eyes Embroidery

Hey now! Everett and Tracy love to make fun and beautiful embroidered and or tie-dyed clothing and accessories.

H33ling the Herd

H33ling the Herd is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that aims to provide education and raise overdose awareness in our in our music community. They will have educational information, fentanyl testing services, and Narcan available. In addition to all they offer H33ling the Herd will also be collecting gently used winter clothing, hats gloves, socks(new) and toiletries to donate to the Nashville rescue mission. The founder of HTH sells hand made jewelry, turkey tail tinctures, and cbd bath bombs.

Fennario Thunder Provisions Co.

Allan is just a fan making fun merch associated with the music he loves to help him get to see the places and people he enjoys most and that’s you!

Blaze On Creations

Blaze On Creations collaborates with local breweries, repurposing their cans and art into sustainable vessels for their candles. Each Can-dle features all-natural soy wax infused with essential oils, utilizing biodegradable ingredients for recyclability. With impressive 80-300 hour burn times, our musically inspired scents are uniquely blended.

Golden Goddess Creations

Caro the Knotty Goddess and the creator of Golden Goddess Expressions! GGE is a mobile salon & clothing shop based out of Nashville, Tn. Bringing glitter hair tinsel for all those glitter loving queens and kings, a glitter bar to make sure you feel as sparkly on the outside as you are on the inside, and amazing one of a kind clothing items! Come get magical with them!

Blaine Studios

Blaine is a Nashville Glassblower that started a career in glass eight years ago. Blaine loves the relationship between glass and stone, as two natural materials with entirely opposing qualities. In addition to handblown glass Heady Designs will also be selling “stress cups” made with Sarah Ferguson at the Bluegrass Bazaar.

Fred Sutter is a Nashville local and has been selling lot merch for 10+ years! Grab you “Billy’s House” Tees at the ArtBeat if America!

Tie Dyed Twice

Michael Martelli has been selling tie dye and custom patches full time for 3 years. Get yours at the Bluegrass Bazaar!

All this and so much more when PhanArt Presents: ArtBeat of America: A Bluegrass Bazaar. Saturday, 2/24, from 1-6p at New Heights Brewing…

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