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Goosemas, Phish and Billy Strings PhanArt Shows Announced

Over Late Fall and Winter 2022-23, PhanArt will host shows in New York, Connecticut and for the first time, Broomfield, Colorado. Fans of Phish, Goose, Billy Strings and other bands in the jam scenes across the country will find small businesses created by fan vendors and artists, selling a wide variety of items and goods inspired by music.


On Saturday, December 17 in Broomfield, CO, PhanArt Presents The Hometown Flodown, featuring artists and vendors from the Goose and local Colorado communities.

Taking place at Aloft Hotel, located across from 1st Bank Center (where Goosemas is taking place) from 1-6pm to shop and support these artists and vendors, where you can pick up last minute gift ideas featuring music inspired art, goods and memorabilia.

goose billy strings

Phish in NYC

On Friday, December 30, Hill Country Barbecue will host PhanArt from 1-6pm. Located at 30 West 26th St in Manhattan, Hill Country Barbecue has great food and drinks, and will welcome vendors from the Phish community, with music-inspired art, clothing, collectables and much more.

Admission is free, with music curated by @_sweepingviews. Stop by Hill Country Barbecue on Friday, December 30 from 1-6pm and support these local artists!

As a Bonus, there will be late night vending at Hill Country during Jerry Dance Party, presented by @relixmag and starting at 11pm on the 29th and 30th.

goose billy strings

Billy Strings in Broomfield

On Saturday, February 4, 2023 at ALoft in Broomfield, CO, PhanArt will host the first ever “Artbeat of America, A Bluegrass Bazaar” featuring artists and vendors from the greater Billy Strings fan community.

Held on the last day of Billy Strings’ 3-night run in Broomfield, Artbeat of America will feature a wide variety of art, including posters, pins, clothing, and other collectibles available for sale, from 1-6pm.

And coming soon to Mohegan Sun, don’t miss the PhanArt Show/Hometown Flodown, held from 1-6pm on Saturday, November 12 in the Spring, Summer and Fall Meeting Rooms in the Earth Convention Center – park in the Winter Garage for easiest access to the show. More details and info can be found here.

Smart Art in the Goose Community

Music inspires us all in different ways, and there are those who take inspiration from the music of Goose (as well as other bands) and turn it into art, whether it be posters and paintings, t-shirts and clothing, stickers and other memorabilia.

As Goose gets bigger, so does the community around them, more fan made art and creations are seen, and with that, a growing art scene. 

goose art
The artists and vendors at The Hometown Flodown at Red Rocks, August 18, 2022

With this growth in the Goose scene, there have been questions raised regarding what is and is not ‘OK’ to use when making art, so as not to violate Goose’s copyright and trademarks. 

Below are some basic guidelines that are not designed to limit fans, but rather to encourage more creativity. With simple guidelines of what the band owns and maintains the rights to, fans are left with plenty of room when it comes to making their own art. 

The following are basic guidelines when making Goose-inspired art that is intended for sale:

  • Do not use the band name “Goose” on art (e.g. alongside dates, venues or cities that may be listed, whether it be a poster, pin, t-shirt or any similar item sold by fans).
  • Do not use official Goose logos (e.g. the cursive goose logo).
  • Do not use the name(s) and/or the likeness(es) of ANY band members (e.g. don’t use Peter’s face on a t -shirt). 

Now, you could ignore these guidelines and take a chance on the band not noticing your use of protected IP, but the band’s management does have the right to send you a Cease and Desist order and pursue additional legal options. This can become expensive and is easily avoidable. Instances of fans not respecting basic IP guidelines is rare to hear of in the greater jam community, because these simple guidelines, similar to the Phish ones, are followed.

If you have concerns or questions having read this far, consult an IP lawyer. The guidelines listed here are not intended to be legal advice, but are strongly encouraged to be considered when making Goose-related/inspired art.

If you’d like to read past suggestions on the use of protected Intellectual Property (IP) in the Phish scene, read more here. To learn about Fair Use, read more here.

This information is not endorsed by nor should it be considered as an official policy of Goose or their management.

PhanArt Heads to Mohegan Sun on Nov. 12 for TAB and Goose

Goose and Trey Anastasio Band, two bands that go great together, will perform at Mohegan Sun on Saturday, November 12.

Earlier that day, PhanArt will hold a show that brings together artists and vendors from the Goose and Phish communities, and a perfect time to get a start on holiday shopping.

The PhanArt/Hometown Flodown show will be held in the Earth Meeting Rooms in the Earth Expo & Convention Center, where the July 2019 PhanArt Show was held. See below for location and park in the Winter Garage for easiest access to both the PhanArt show and Mohegan Sun Arena.

The event will feature a wide variety of clothing, art and goods available directly from vendors, from 1-6pm, in the Spring, Summer and Fall Meeting Rooms in the Earth Convention Center.

A unique combined issue of the Phish fanzine Surrender to the Flow and the Goose fanzine The El Goose Times will be on hand, as well as plenty of other unique collaborations to check out.

Admission is free and is an ALL ages show – stop by to meet and support your local small business!

Interested Artists and Vendors, contact for more information.

Don’t miss a meeting of the minds as artists from the Phish and Goose communities come together for PhanArt and The Hometown Flodown.

Stay tuned for news on The Hometown Flodown during Goosemas in Broomfield, CO!

Atlantic City, Alpine Valley and Red Rocks PhanArt Show Lineups Revealed

This August, PhanArt will host two shows in Atlantic City during Phish’s weekend run on the Jersey Shore.

Both shows are located right on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, making for easy access for all fans heading the the beach for the shows.

On Saturday, August 6, Caesars hosts PhanArt from 12-5pm. More than 20 artists and vendors have been announced, with more to come. Confirmed artists and vendors include Nick Difabbio, Section 119, Myles Laser Crafts, Scribbles of Dave, Slip Stitch and Glass, Laplaca Pottery Works, Wookles, Snugpups Dog Coats, Stupindous LLC, PixelWooks, Wolfman’s Cousin, Wheel of Destiny Unbound, Yes and Goods, Outcasty Designs, Josean Rivera Fine Art, The Overhead View, Interstellar Dye LLC, Basset Glass, Long Strange Putt, Hello Sunset, Blockhead’s Printing, Crowley’s Corner, Tela Designs, The Phreezer, YouEnjoyMyVegan, GratefuLegos, Perchance to Dream, LLC, Om Grown Art, Non Dualistic Designs, and many more.

Then, on Sunday, August 7, Showboat will host PhanArt, for a show a show 12-5pm. Artists and Vendors in attendance include Section 119, The Overhead View, Tela Designs, Laplaca Pottery Works, Interstellar Dye LLC, Scribbles of Dave, Wookles, Wheel of Destiny Unbound, YouEnjoyMyVegan, Om Grown Art, Perchance to Dream, LLC, Non Dualistic Designs, Makisupa Metal Works, Outcasty Designs, The Phreezer, Long Strange Putt and many more.

Stay tuned for limited edition items and deals available at the show from various artists and vendors.

Both shows will have a variety of artists and vendors, with some taking part both days but many only at one of the shows. Be sure not to miss both shows and support phans, artists and small businesses from around the country!

Admission to both shows is FREE and Tubes will be available for purchase at both shows.

Spinning live during each show is Sweeping Views, as heard on The Ambient Hour on JEMP Radio.

And for the first time ever in Alpine Valley (since the 1980s at least), you’ll be able to buy fan made art and products right next to the venue at Alpine Valley Resort in the Main Lodge. This PhanArt show will run from 1pm-6pm and features free admission, more than two dozen artists, including many Midwestern artists making their first appearance at a PhanArt Show!

Confirmed artists include You Enjoy My Vegan, Wookles, Gilfalo Art Design, Casual Enlightenment LLC, California Ave Artworks, Jay Williams, Babacool LLC, So Stupendous Apparel, Outcasty Designs, Non-Dualistic Designs, Hydrogen Threads, Stylistic Tendencies, Wheel of Destiny Unbound, Phan Gear Prints, Tie Dye by Papes, Girl Tour, Sex, Plants, Rock And Roll, Goddamn Hippies, Icculaces, and many more!

With great joy, PhanArt announced the initial lineup of artists for The Hometown Flodown, the first ever PhanArt Show at Red Rocks!
These artists (with more to come!) will be exhibiting fan-made prints, clothing, accessories, tie-dye, jewelry and other Goose and music-inspired memorabilia on Thursday, August 18, with music curated by Sweeping Views as heard on JEMP Radio’s The Ambient Hour.

The show will be held in The Rock Room, located in the Red Rocks Visitors Center. To access the show, park in the Upper North Parking Lot and go up the steps or ramp towards the entrance. After checking out The Hometown Flodown, be sure to walk through the Visitors Center, enjoy lunch at Red Rocks, and bask in this incredible venue, which is open to the public until 4pm!

Doors open at 11:30am for The Hometown Flodown, with free admission for all. Tubes will be available for purchase, with artists vending until 3:30pm.

Doors for Goose open at 6pm. Vending is not allowed at Red Rocks in the parking lots, making The Hometown Flodown the best and only spot to find Goose fan made creations ahead of this historic show at Red Rocks!

North Bowl Philly Pop-Up PhanArt Show Announced for Monday July 18

On Monday July 18, North Bowl in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia will host Funk n Bowl and a PhanArt Pop-Up Show!

Admission is FREE with food and drink specials, with vending from 5-10pm and music from 8pm-12am!

Get your gear from Summer Tour and enjoy some Philly Funk with friends before N1 of The Mann.

Interested artists and vendors reach out to for more information.

Details on Atlantic City and Alpine Valley shows coming later this week!

Announcing 4 PhanArt Shows for Summer 2022

This summer, PhanArt will hold 4 shows, featuring a wide array of artists and vendors from across the Phish and jam community.

August 6 and 7 – Atlantic City

PhanArt returns to Atlantic City on with TWO shows, one on August 6 and another August 7.

On Saturday, August 6, the PhanArt show will take place at Caesars Atlantic City, location of the 2021 and 2013 AC PhanArt shows.

On Sunday, August 7, PhanArt can be found at Showboat Atlantic City, located just up the Boardwalk from Caesars. There will be new vendors each day!

August 14 – Alpine Valley Lodge

On Sunday, August 14, PhanArt will hold its first ever show in Wisconsin at Alpine Valley Resort Lodge. The show will run from 1pm-6pm and is a short walk to Alpine Valley Music Theatre.

Parking will be available at the Lodge while attending the PhanArt show.

August 18 – Red Rocks

On Thursday, August 18 at Red Rocks Amphitheater in The Rock Room, PhanArt will host a first of its kind pop-up art show, on the same day Goose performs for the first time at Red Rocks.

This huge pre-show event runs from 11:30am – 3:30pm in the Rock Room of the Visitors Center at Red Rocks. Admission is FREE!

All shows will feature a wide variety of artist and vendors from across the jam band community, with music inspired art, clothing, home goods and much more.

Interested artists and vendors, email to reserve your spot today!

Lineup for April 22 PhanArt Show Announced

After being postponed, the PhanArt show on April 22 is proud to announce the initial lineup of artists and vendors taking part in the upcoming event.

A total of 40 artists and vendors are featured at the PhanArt Show, with a broad array of home goods, posters, clothing, stickers, jewelry and other Phish and music inspired memorabilia.

Admission is free for PhanArt shows, with doors opening at Noon on Friday, April 22 at The Stewart Hotel on 7th Avenue in NYC, just one block diagonal from Madison Square Garden, where Phish will play their delayed New Years Eve show later that night.

Exclusive Art and Details Announced for First Goosemas PhanArt Show, “The Hometown Flodown”

Goosemas is on! Don’t miss Phanart’s Hometown Flowdown from 1-6p on February 26, 2022. With art from a dozen vendors and artists, with deals for everyone attending the Phanart show!

On Saturday, February 26, PhanArt will bring together artists and vendors from the growing Goose community for the first time, with a show at Mohegan Sun, The Hometown Flodown.

Held on the same day of Connecticut jam band Goose’s rescheduled, Goosemas, The Hometown Flodown will represent artist and vendors rising out of the Goose scene, with a wide array of apparel, posters, stickers, household items, photography and much more in store. A perfect gathering spot for fans pre-show, PhanArt shows bring live music fans together for a mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces, new and preferred styles of art perfect for any collector.

Located in the Uncas Ballroom of Mohegan Sun, doors for The Hometown Flodown open at 1pm, with a great opportunity to find deals from artists spanning the Goose and jam band communities. Admission is free, with tubes for sale.

Groovesafe will be on hand to promote a most-important cause with the live music community, bringing awareness about unwanted touching and sexual assault at concerts.

PhanArt is grateful for sponsors of The Hometown Flodown:

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Special thanks go out to the Phinancial Guy, NYS Music, Cash or Trade, JEMP Radio, and Relix Magazine. More details and exclusive art coming soon – check the Facebook event for updated info!

Goosemas Shopping Season is almost here! Check out the Exclusive Brands and Art available at The Hometown Flodown

Mr. B’s Giving Tree

Mr B’s Festival Needs will be hosting their 4th Annual Mr. B’s GivingTree Donation Drive at this year’s Hometown Flodown presented by PhanArt. Monetary contributions go to support @SpreadMusicNow to provide music education to underserved communities, and all clothing, toiletries, and other donations will go to support @MercyHousingCT and @MySistersPlace_ *


Otto Art

Brandon Otto has expanded his range to create Goose inspired Prints, Apparel, and Slaps and has an amazing print for Goosemas available at the Flowdown!

Goosemas 2021


Snugpups is a family business based in the Northeast with deep influences by the music and aesthetic of the Grateful Dead and Phish. Snugpups makes all of its own pet coats and is committed to creating a fit for all dogs of every crazy shape and size with a warm coat that is easy to get on and off your dogs.

The Art of Kellen Rattigan

Kellen’s print seen in Black and white here will be available in two different holographic/foil options only at the Flodown.

Cats Under the Stitch

Don’t miss the LE Goosemas Design! Plus so much more….

The Slothy Llama

See all of the fun Goose inspired designs from the Slothy Lama!

The el Goose Times

The el Goose Times is an unofficial, fan-curated newsletter/fanzine dedicated to the jam band. Don’t miss the Special Goosemas Edition – Free to everyone attending the show!

Connected Mind Arts

Connected Minds Art was established in 2021 by Kayleigh Spina and Eric Lambert as a way to showcase and share their collaborative art designs inspired by the music that moves us all, makes us feel and brings us all together.

Fixation Fabrication Arts

Zack Ignazio started Fixation Fabric Arts in 2016 ready to push the tie dye art form to the next dimension. With experience decorating countless festival stages and fans with his vibrant, mesmerizing artwork throughout the years he continues that tradition at the Hometown Flodown the Goosemas. From apparel and tapestries to blankets and more you will be Fixated on Zack’s Fabric Art.


Apparel and art from creator Stephanie Cook. Available at the Hometown Flodown.

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Stay Tuned! There’s much more to come!

PhiShe-Ra New Years Run Shirts

The Princess of Power She-Ra and Warrior Goddess Teela are teaming up this New Years for Phish’s 4 night run at Madison Square Garden, alongside those Sci-Fi Soldiers from the year 4680! Design by Troy Alexander.

Available is sizes Small through 3XLarge, these shirts will ship first week of December and will also be available at the PhanArt show on December 18 at Mohegan Sun and December 30 at The Stewart Hotel in NYC.

Free stickers with each order! Pick one up at the PhanArt Store.