“Back of the Worm” Print for Dick’s by AJ Masthay

AJ humbly present my only piece for Summer Tour 2014 – “Back of the Worm”

Prints and variants will be available this Friday, August 15th at 12 noon EST.

For those of you not familiar with the reference, I highly suggest you checkout the Amsterdam shows from Europe 97, go ahead… I’ll wait… okay, got it? Now you understand right?

The basic idea behind the image is the fact that Denver is the new Amsterdam, so it’s reasonable to expect some worm riding to go on in a couple weeks. There’s also a deeper story about a certain Colorado chipmunk who got into something he shouldn’t have, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Here’s the deets:
“Back of the Worm”
August 29-31
Dicks, Commerce City, CO
11 color linoleum block print
Edition of 200 on Canson Edition Antique White with a single deckled edge
Signed and numbered by the artist


A very limited number of variants will also be available. Check them all out on our Facebook Photo Album.

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