“Beautiful Squalor” Art Show with Max Kauffman and Jesse Reno, June 13, Asbury Park, NJ

‘Beautiful Squalor’, a two person art show featuring Max Kauffman and Jesse Reno will be held on June 13 at Parlor Gallery, 717 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey.


‘Beautiful Squalor’ is a collection of new work continuing Kauffman’s exploration of the human condition. These new paintings continue his reflections on the duality of existence, further splintering conscious and unconscious mark making with pieces leaning towards gesture and abstraction coupled with other pieces rendered exactly on a folk drawing manner.

Both of these extremes show the limits of control and surrender, the struggle we partake in day after day, since the dawn of civilization. We strive for sanctuary from the chaos we create, even as we grow further dependent on it.

To see a preview of new work contact Parlor Gallery – info@parlor-gallery.com

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