Ben Whitesell and Doug Whitworth Camden and Cincy Posters

From Ben Whitesell, previously seen with his Bethel Print:

Onward to Camden! You are looking at my 3rd collaborative PHISH Phan Art Concert Poster with Doug Whitworth. We decided to get a little gritty with this one and tried to pull in some of the tour culture. This particular tour poster will be our last till the August like our other prints, this will be limited to 30 prints.  It’s first come, first serve and once the 30th print is sold we will close purchasing.

Posters can be purchased in a variety of styles, prints, sizes and papers. Costs range but dont miss out on this limited edition print!

Previously this tour, Ben Whitesell designed a poster for Phish’s triumphant return to Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center. The poster features a rendition of a classic audio tape based on the tapes — the way we older phans grew our collections, before CDs, MP3s, etree and SendSpace. The tape is labeled with the show date and venue and the print is adoned with some lyrics from “Mound”, which was actually played at the show. The print is available here and is a limited run of 30. Ben also has a handful of a blue version of the print that was sold on lot. There were only 10 printed in blue. For the blue variants, contact Ben at

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