Bethel tryptych from AJ Masthay

The long-awaited release from AJ Masthay of his Bethel tryptych is finally here, and as AJ puts it, there is no “hippy dippy bullcrap, just straight up alien abductions. Lets face it, crazy stuff happens in old cow pastures at night, they proved it in 1969 and we’ll prove it again in 2011.”

This print is a 7 color linoleum block print set Signed and Numbered in a limited edition of 125 printed on Canson Edition antique white paper stock. Prints will be available for purchase this Thursday, May 5, 2011 at precisely 12 Noon EST at

If you want to grab them now, I have an extremely limited number of subscriptions available which include this set along with upcoming prints for PNC, Alpharetta and Portsmouth. More info is on AJ’s subscription page.

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