Bethel Woods Print by Ben Whitesell

From Ben Whitesell, new to PhanArt!

Welcome to what I hope is the first of many Phish Fan Art Concert Posters that I will be creating for Phish’s Summer Tour. I am working closely with friend and collaborator Doug Whitworth, a true Phan, on several different concepts that will both stretch my creativity and hopefully put a lot of interesting work out there for the Phish community. Hope you enjoy!

Bethel, NY will be a LIMITED run poster — only 100 prints will be available. It’s first come, first serve and once the 100th print is sold we will close for purchasing. Posters can be printed in various sizes (16″ x 10.7″, 24″ x 16″, 32″ x 21.3″, etc…) and printed on various paper qualities with framing options.

Posters can be purchased at imagekind

For more of Ben Whitesell’s work visit:

5 thoughts on “Bethel Woods Print by Ben Whitesell”

  1. Hi all, Ben Whitesell the creator of the Bethel Print here. I had a few questions come my way about paper stock and print size.

    I can say that I have test printed this on the 16″ x 24″ on Enhanced Matte and was very please with the results. The Enhanced Matte has a nice weight and texture for me. If you wanted to go with a heavier more textured paper the Somerset Velvet Fine Art is also great, but a little more pricey. I would try to avoid the glossy because I think that it just doesn’t fit the feel of the piece.

    I had pictured this as a 16″ x 24″ piece, but feel free to pick the size you need. I think the medium choice is not too big, but not to small. Leave a comment if you have more questions.

    Cheers, Ben

  2. Hi all, Ben again. I wanted to thank everyone for their interest in our Bethel, NY print. Thanks to you all, we have almost hit the halfway mark in our 100 print limit and had more then 1000 views.

    I have posted a little behind-the-scenes of the creation of the Bethel print as well as a preview of our Cincy, OH Riverbend poster on my blog here:Blog Post

    Thanks again, Ben

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