Big Red and Cactus ties from stuPINdous Creations

Following a successful and sought after Henrietta tie earlier this summer, stuPINdous Creations is back with two new ties. The first is an ode to Big Red, with F-hole cutouts and a quote from ‘Chalkdust Torture’ on the back,  “Can’t this wait till I’m old? Can’t I live while I’m young?” Each tie is 100% silk and woven. Only 100 have been made and orders will ship around 8/15 for a cost of $42 shipped

The 2nd tie is tribute to Cactus, with a few cacti on it and has a quote from ‘Meat’ on the back, “I am a prince, I have it all.” The ties are 100% silk and woven and are limited to an edition of only 100. These ties ship 8/15 as well at the cost of $42 shipped.

Henrietta ties are back in stock as well. Check out for all 3 ties and all kinds of pins.

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