Black Tie Series from StuPINdous Creations, plus new CK Tie!

From the clever and classy minds at StuPINdous Creations comes the Black Tie series.  This NEW band set of ties has one tie to represent each member of the band with a coinciding lyric from a song they each sing/wrote. There’s the Ocelot/Trey, I Didn’t Know/Fishman, Strange Design/Page, and Mike’s Song/Mike.  All 4 ties use only grey thread and are woven on the same fine black silk. The Black Tie series is a limited edition of 100, however only 50 Black tie sets will be available, as the rest will be sold as singles.  The full set is only $140 shipped or $40 for a single tie.  These are a really good way to Phish-up any wedding or formal occasion.  Please inquire about wedding party package deals.   If you would like to purchase a single tie, please go to under the apparel section.

black ties

Another classy installment from StuPINdous Creations, the CK5/LP/Phishscale tie. This tie is a tribute to the man behind he lights, Chris Kuroda. Let’s face it: one of the major differences between being at a Phish show live and listening to it, are THE LIGHTS! This tie features a pattern designed using the LP to make a Phishscale like pattern and a custom label saying “Here we shower ourselves in lightness.” All ties are 100% silk and woven. These are a limited edition of 100 and only $40 shipped. This tie and many more stupindouscreations.comimage (64)

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