Boogie On Shirt from Sean Murdoch

Sean Murdoch,  the artist who designed the Free NYE Hot Dog Postcards,  now has a t-shirt design for sale on his website.  The title of the shirt is Boogie On and was mostly inspired by the famous Boogie On Reggae Woman Jam that took place in Worcester at the beginning of last year’s summer tour.  Coincidentally at the MSG show where he passed out his popular Hot Dog Postcards Phish played the song again and he was soon inspired to make this shirt for this year’s summer tour.  The shirts are printed on white 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom t-shirts and go for a cost of $17 with shipping $5.95 (this includes orders of up to 3 shirts). To order a shirt go to Thanks and Boogie On!

Boogie on Raggae Woman Comp

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