Brian Hill Prints for Hampton & Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Brian Hill created two different prints dedicated to the beautiful venues of the Hampton Coliseum and Boardwalk Hall. Each poster is an edition of 277. The size is 20 x 14 and the paper is 130 lb Cougar Bright Smooth. It is printed on NexGen with inline Matte coating. The media used is Mixed digital (photoshop, Illustrator and traditional drawing scanned). Both posters are $20 plus $5 for shipping.
Buy the Atlantic City Poster here
Buy the Hampton Poster here
Buy both the Atlantic City Poster and Hampton Posters here

One thought on “Brian Hill Prints for Hampton & Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City”

  1. Hey there all you beautifully unique people!!

    Does anybody know how long it takes for one of these prints to arrive in the mail? I bought a Hampton print on lot in 2013, but was still a noob and didn’t store it properly. It was damaged so I recently bought one from the artist (Brian Hill) off of this website. I desperately need it for a frame up. I already have PTBM’S waiting and a picture of myself and four of my friends (to be framed with) dressed like Waldo(s). Some of you out there might remember Trey bantering with us before 2nd set @ 10-20-2013.

    If anyone has any tips or info on the artist it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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