Brian McGregor posters for Amherst, Nashua and Providence

Brian McGregor is a Boston based artist who has worked Visual Design for several Phish festivals including Coventry and Festival 8.   He got his BFA from Bowdoin College and currently works for other festivals such as Bonnaroo and All Good.  Why does he love Phish?  They were the first band I was able to get into a groove with while creating art.  When songs on the radio maybe lasted 3 minutes, being able to draw to a 20 minute YEM jam helped take my work to another level. No wonder why all the Pop listenin’ kids got ADHD, who needs adderall when you’ve got the Phish jams!

These posters are hand drawn 11×17 color glossy prints printed on 80lb. paper. The cost is $15 each with free shipping.

Fall Tour 11×17 Prints

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