Erin Cadigan’s Gorge Poster

From Erin Cadigan comes her Gorge poster. Based on Haida Traditional art of the Pacific Northwest Native (or First Nations) Tribes. You have the Third eye opening in a ring of four singing faces. Below the coyote (wolfmans brother) is represented on the bass, and the fish is on the guitar. The famous Mockingbird flies to either side. Underneath the Lizard plays the keys and the drums. fish fly overhead!

Text reads The Gorge August 5 & 6, 2011. Due to a printing error, these are two-sided posters with artist proofs of the original art design (with incorrect dates) on one side and the correct dates on the other side. This poster poses an interesting framing conundrum. Below are the original designs. The completed poster has the correct dates of August 6&7 on one side.


Size: 10″ x 20″
Paper: Pegasus Black Vellum Finish 100lb cover
Edition Size: 64 signed and numbered
Process: Screenprint.


This print comes in three different color styles. There are different amounts of each and they are not numbered in any particular order. Please indicate if you want a particular color combo. See below for the other two color combos

COST: $25.00 link to shop

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