NYE Ticket Giveaway!, the official face value ticket trading community, would like to say Thank You for ‘Embracing the Face’ in 2012. To show their continued dedication and support to all who have participated, is giving away 14 tickets to 7 bands this New Year’s Eve. Join the voice and support this fair trade marketplace, the Internet’s own face value alternative. Spread the word and help the website reach 20,000 registered members. now includes personal storefront pages that give creative members the chance to brand themselves and sell their arts, crafts, clothing, jewelry, and the like. Best of all…like everything on, its completely Free!

Also, amongst the ‘friends’ feature, there are now individual group options, in which members can create their own groups in efforts to better trade with those they are closest with, or within a particular sub group, like a Facebook group, or maybe an old group of college buddies.

From the trading of tickets, to hotel reservations, airline miles, clothing, jewelry, and even work or services… has become a trading hub were members feel safe connecting with like minded folks who are friends of friends and support one another.

Stay tuned as they launch many new features in 2013. Thank you for your participation.

NYE GIVEAWAY (14 tickets / 7 bands)

COT STOREFRONTS: Anyone who sells products can now set up a store in a few minutes. Like everything COT *ITS FREE*

JOIN OR CREATE AN EXCLUSIVE COT GROUP: You can now be part of an exclusive group with your close friends and enjoy the tools of the COT platform.

BECOME A COT PARTNER AND CROSS PROMOTE – ADD A FACE VALUE TRADE LIST TO YOUR BLOG or WEBSITE: A post on COT shows up on 13 partner websites. Become a partner today!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! and see you on New Years.

– Brando and Dusty from

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