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The Helping Phriendly Deck Pre-Order!

New from Artist and Healer Sara Gibson – The Helping Phriendly Deck – A Phish Inspired Oracle Deck. Whether you love to collect Phish inspired art or are looking for insight into your next bold move The Helping Phriendly Deck is here to help. Available for Pre-Order through September 25th 2023 this new collection is amazing! The future won’t wait and you shouldn’t either – OrderYours Now!

The Helping Phriendly Deck is an oracle deck intended to be used as guidance or suggestion.

What is an oracle deck? Many people have heard of Tarot. Oracle decks are much simpler because you don’t have to memorize or know meanings of the cards. Oracle decks are like interpretative life guidance & philosophy. 

The Helping Phriendly Deck is a 46-card Phish-inspired oracle deck. Full of inspiration and magic from Gamehenge to your doorstep! Whether you are a jam-band lover or not, this deck is for you. Full of life philosophy, inspiration, and action-steps.

Included with The Helping Phriendly Deck

  • 46 unique, illuminating oracle cards
  • 100 page guidance book
  • information on how to use an oracle deck
  • artwork illumination
  • meaning & description of each card
  • specific action steps to implement to guidance into your everyday life!

Whether you believe a Source or not, you can use The Helping Phriendly Deck to gain a deeper understanding of this human experience that we call life. The accompanying 100-page guide booklet includes a description of each card and steps to help bring the insight of each card into action through an activity that promotes a healthy well-being. It is thought-provoking and also witty. As a Phish fan, you will find lyrics woven into the writing quite seamlessly so it’s fun to notice the references and relate it to life.

Pre-Order Available Through 9/25/2023

PhanArt Summer in the City – July 29 and August 5, Hill Country BBQ, NYC

We’re in the deep end of Phish’s MSG Run, and day 2 of the PhanArt Shows at Hill Country BBQ in Manhattan is this Saturday, 8/5. Check out the artists taking part in the only PhanArt shows this summer!

At PhanArt Summer in the City, you’ll find artists and vendors from across the jam scene and country, selling their wares and much more, from 1-6pm on Saturday July 29th and August 5th. The shows will be held at Hill Country BBQ, located on 30 W 26th street between 5th and 6th Ave.

Both shows are presented by One Line Agency, a turnkey marketing agency that will elevate your next event to new heights.

As always admission is free, with doors opening up at 1pm on July 29th and August 5th for PhanArt Summer in the City at Hill Country BBQ.

Summer in the City: Artist and Vendor Lineup!

The Art of Ryan Kerrigan

Don’t miss the Art of Ryan Kerrigan at the August 5th PhanArt Show. He is dropping this new silkscreened print. It’s a Limited Edition of 100, so get there early or you could miss out!

Phan Gear Prints

Phan Gear prints has been creating collectible limited edition event posters for over 5 years. Get yours before they are gone! Available at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!


Phish inspired apparel & gifts for the whole family.  Available at PhanArt on 7/29 & 8/5.

Josean Rivera Fine Art

Josean has been making Phish inspired art for over decade. In the new world of e-tickets, his hand drawn Ticket Stubs have become must haves for collectors. A unique set for every tour. See yourself with a Ticket Stub in your hand…. at PhanArt!

The Overhead View

The Overhead View has been bringing design to lot since 2014! With over 60 designs in styles and sizes for all ages, you’re sure to find something for everyone!


The most famous, must have Sunnies on the scene! Improve your outlook with a new pair the Summer. Available at PhanArt!

End 1 Designs

Tyler is a jeweler that specializes in gold grills and mini pendants. Perfect accessories for any show night! Get yours at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!

Girl Tour

Some of the most popular designs on tour. See what’s new for Summer 2023. Get yours at PhanArt!

Snugpup Dog Coats

Snugpups makes hand crafted dog jackets including our line of officially licensed Grateful Dead themed dog jackets and our Phish donut themed dog jackets. Find them at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!

Taboot Apparell

Meghan has been sewing and making clothing since high school, and loves seeing her Phish inspired clothing being worn at shows!

You Enjoy My Vegan

Vegan Butcher, Gluten Free Baker and Phish Clothing Maker. Bringing vegan food and phish inspired clothing to you all at shows! Check out this year’s swimwear! Pick your designs at PhanArt!

Cassidy’s Closet

Rachel Stephens has her own home embroidery and sewing business called Cassidy’s Crafty Closet. She makes and sells a variety of fun items, Don’t miss her new patches and donut collection! Available at PhanArt’s Summer in the City.

Long Strange Putt

Selling heady tees, hats, and golf gear since 2021!

Tela Designs

Phish inspired tie dye fashion, lounge wear, and yoga apparel available at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!


YES AND GOODS offers a heady eclectic curation of one of a kind vintage pieces and artist made goods all made by and sourced for like-minded people. Shop their phinest at PhanArt’s Sumer in the City!

Pinsanity Designs

Creating art inspired from the music we all love! Take yours home at PhanArt this Summer!

Perpetual Hang

Hannah is the macramaniac behind Perpetual Hang! She makes unique and one of a kind macrame plant hangers for all of you planty Phans out there. Each hanger features lyrics from some of our favorite Phish songs, and while they are of course completely functional, each piece is also a little piece of art for your happy places. Don’t miss Hannah and here inspired designs at PhanArt!

Perchance to Dream, LLC

Grateful Dead Tarot IS the creator of the officially licensed tarot deck of the Grateful Dead! Liz and Erin are both long time deadheads and tarot readers who have turned their love of music, mythology and the occult into a beautiful work of art. Featuring 78 original cards, a 240-page hardcover guidebook and a custom keepsake box, this deck is a powerful oracle and collector’s piece. They are available for personal and group readings, events and classes! Get yours at PhanArt – It’s all in the cards…

Grateful Gumbo

Grateful Gumbo is a little jam-band related sticker & clothing business. We hope you enjoy Michael’s designs. See them all at PhanArt!

Garbage Phan Kids

Garbage Phan Kids are the Phish inspired parody of Garbage Pail Kids that you never knew you needed.  Available at PhanArt!

East Coasters

East Coasters makes music inspired doormats, coasters, and bong/sesh mats from recycled neoprene otherwise bound for an East Coast landfill. We have a lot cool artist partnerships and licensing from the Garcia Family. You can find our products at PhanArt’s Summer in the City!

All this and so much more when PhanArt Presents: Summer in the City on from 1pm-6pm on July 29th and August 5th at Hill Country BBQ. See you all there!

Exclusive Art and Deals at Artbeat of America – A Bluegrass Bazaar, Friday, May 12 at Over Yonder in Golden, Colorado

We are less than 10 days away from The ArtBeat of America: A Bluegrass Bazaar Presented by PhanArt on May 12th from 1-5pm at Over Yonder in Golden Colorado. Check out the Artist and vendor line-up!

As always we’re the perfect Pre-Show gathering with Free Admission, an extensive and great lineup of new and familiar Artists and Brands from the Scene bringing exclusive art and new merch to all who attend . Get in line early for limited edition pottery, prints, pins, shirts, accessories and much more….

Artist Line-Up

Cassidy’s Crafty Closet

Rachel Stephens-Barnes created Cassidy’s Crafty Closet as an online shop and started vending more and more in person at music concerts. See her crafty design, sewing, and embroidery work at PhanArt!

Kyler Klix Design

Kyler Klix Designs brings fun slaps, pins and apparell of different types that are Billy Strings and bluegrass related.

Sex Plants and Rock & Roll

Lindsey started Sex Plants Rock and Roll, an organic and handmade skincare line, in 2020 as a way to encourage connection to the planet through deep self care. Treat yourself this run at Phanart. Your body and spirit will appreciate it!

Jubilee Flame Work

Jubilee Flame Work is a family run business in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. They love live music, making art and enjoying the rockies. See you all at PhanArt!

KIS Creations

Kayla Smith has been creating and selling artwork for several year and will bring her unique art and design to you at the Bluegrass Bazaar.

Tela Designs

Get ready for Summer with the hottest jam band fashion and yoga apparel since 2013!

Enlightened Pixie

Playful handmade creations from the hands and mind of Megan Smith.

Grateful Sweats

Grateful Sweats creates subtle song designs inspired by the jam bands we all love. Their first BMFS design was 2021 and they now have more than a dozen designs. Find great as stickers, pins, patches, t-shirts and/or hoodies and more at PhanArt!

Croshier Designs

Matt Croshier has been creating and selling art full time since 2016 under his well known brand, Croshier Designs. Drawing his inspiration from bands he loves, among them Billy Strings. Don’t miss a chance to snap up one of Matt’s pieces at PhanArt!

Dead Daisy Designs

Davida Rodriguez is a kitchen, bath and tile designer by trade that has been following Billy Strings since 2017. She started creating wearable designs in 2020 find his unique tie dye, then Patches, and up-cycled clothing at PhanArt.

Katy Randall Pottery

Artist Katy has been doing pottery since 2011. Her work represents a vast imagination and love for music, nature, animals. Bring home one of Katy’s amazing handmade pieces at the Bluegrass Bazaar!

Mountain Laser Designs

MLD makes laser-cut 3-D artwork for your walls, beautiful earrings, fun keychains, unique ornaments and more. They specialize in jam-oriented and mountains themes and will fit right at PhanArt!

Lively Vibes

Lively Vibes is a husband and wife team that specializes in tie dyed graphic tees, crocheted items and also has a great line of pins and moodmats. Lively Vibes is excited to be working with PhanArt again to see some new and old faces!

Colored Red Mixed Media

Christiana Garcia Loves Music . It inspires much of her art, creating paintings, pins and more. Find her work at PhanArt!

Fennario Thunder Provision Co.

Traditional Lot Merch, just like you know and love. Available at PhanArt.

Amaris Creations

Amanda Maris is a mixed media artist and jeweler who’s been working with metals, gemstones, ceramics and other mixed media for a few decades. You may have seen her work for sale at Over Yonder Brewing.


Tabitha has been sewing nearly 30 years and was been selling things on lot in the late 90s! Her passion is fabric art and every piece she makes is one of a kind. From hoodies to hats, skirts, tops, hats, patches and more! Tabitha is also a breast cancer thriver and a self proclaimed analog girl in this digital world. Stop by and see her and her excellent handmade work at PhanaArt!

Perdue Artworks (@superdueperart)

Perdue Artworks formed in 2017, is a husband and wife team based out of San Diego working in different media including blown glass from their own mobile hotshop as well as fibers, ceramics, and metal. Recently they have been creating a lot of mushroom , if you have too don’t miss Perdue Artworks at PhanArt!

Strings Corral

Strings Corral Art Collective offers some really great pins – available at PhanArt. Get yours!

All this and so much more when PhanArt Presents: ArtBeat of America – A Bluegrass Bazaar at Over Yonder in Golden Colorado. May 12 from 1-5pm.

The Hometown Flodown Artist Line Up and Exclusive Art

The PhanArt/Hometown Flodown show will be held in the Earth Meeting Rooms in the Earth Expo & Convention Center. See below for location and park in the Winter Garage for easiest access to both the PhanArt show and Mohegan Sun Arena.

The el Goose Times

The el Goose Times is an unofficial fanzine dedicated to the jam band Goose from Norwalk, CT. Get your copy of the Fall Edition at The Hometown Flodown!

Scott Harris Photos

Scott is a CT-based professional live event photography and digital artist and has been a House Photographer for the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY since 2013.

Cats Under the Stitch

Cats Under The Stitch began in 2019 as a personal hobby and now offers handmade appliqué and free motion embroidery patchwork, as well as stickers, pins and T-shirts along with other fine fanmade goods.

Taboose Tour Shirts

Long Strange Put

Heady clothing, golf gear, and more!

Long Strange Putt


Colleen is an artist that draws what she sees (in her brilliant mind) at the shows as our bands play. If you know her Blast-O-Plast work (especially her Gamehendge series), you probably have some of her Pins, Prints and Apparel. Colleen’s aesthetic is unique and great get for any collector.

Luna’s Cauldron

Luna Wolf is a woman-owned, Bridgeport-based, holistic wellness company that grows and sources the best plants for our extensive line of products. They create a variety of CBD-infused pain relief, anxiety relief, and sleep support products, both topical and ingestible. Our primary focus is analyzing customer’s needs for better living with a more natural approach. See what we have in store for your at the Hometown Flodown.

S.A.W. Family Creations

Hand-crafted wooden ornaments made with love in Pennsylvania

Jelly Jam Goods

JellyJamGoods offers music-inspired hand-drawn stickers, pins and accessories – including custom beaded bracelets and sunglass chains.” 

Fortune Tees

Strictly pocket tees, the girls design each pockets and pair available at The Hometown Flodown!

Jelly Jam Goods

Kelly started JellyJamGoods (jam-inspired goodies by Kelly) in the beginning of 2022.

The Volume Just Increases

Chad Anderson is a Bridgeport CT based photographer and the creative mind behind Phandles – interactive music photo candles for Fans!


Apparel and art from creator Stephanie Cook. Available at The Hometown Flodown.

The Hometown Flodown presented by Phanart arrives at Red Rocks on Thursday, August 18th

Just 2 days until The Hometown Flodown and Goose arrive at Red Rocks! 

More great artists have joined the show, as well as Headcount!

All artists as well as parking and entrance details can be found here and at

Get to Red Rocks early on Thursday, check out one of the greatest music venues in the country and support the artists and vendors taking part in The Hometown Flodown, starting at 11:30am in The Rock Room at Red Rocks!

Where to find Phanart’s Hometown Flodown

The Map!

Vendor Line-Up and Exclusive Art:

Super Rad Cape Company

Don’t Miss out on the Super Rad Cape Company’s Exclusive Capes and Apparel at The Hometown Flowdown including their newest designs: The Great Goose Abduction – a handsome black cape with unicorn abducting a goose and Chasing Satellites a shimmering Gold cape with UFOs and Geese. Every Cape is a one of a kind masterpiece, handmade by us at Super Rad Cape Co!

Jelly Jam Goods

JellyJamGoods offers music-inspired hand-drawn stickers, pins and accessories – including custom beaded bracelets and sunglass chains.” 

Varvel Arts

Erik Varvel, has been creating artwork in a variety or mediums for the past 15 years. In 2000, He and his wife Michelle, joined forces to create VarvelArts LLC to focus on the creation and distribution of of the Artwork created by both Erik and Michelle as they continue to collaborate on both design concepts and creations covering a variety of material creations including , jewelry, prints, wood engraved art, ceramic art, fabric art, collector pins, magnets and much more. See they’re Goose Inspired Work at Phanart’s Hometown Flowdown

Long Strange Put

Sean has the heady golf gear and more including his Ted (Fred?) Rocks T-Shirt. Available at The Hometown Flowdown!

Casual Enlightenment for the Jam Band Music Fan

Pick up your copy of the MUST READ of the Summer from Julia Degan, “Casual Enlightenment for the Jam Band Music Fan”. Get your signed copy at Phanart!

Wookles LLC

You know him. You know his stuff. You know it’s good. Now come out and support your local Wook!

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Dire Wolf Dyes

Ice Dyed Clothing and Intricate Beaded Earrings from Olivia of Dire Wolf Dyes.

Tie Dye by Papes

Sam Papermaster has been vending and creating Tie Dyes since 2018. His passion is clear in his unique designs available Clothing and Accessories available at The Hometown Flodown.

Phat Matt Creations

Goose Inspired Designs for you!

Sex Plants Rock And Roll

Lindsey started Sex Plants Rock and Roll, an organic and handmade skincare line in 2020 as a way to encourage connection to the planet through deep self care. Treat yourself this run at Phanart. Your body and spirit will appreciate it!


PHANFT is a series of utility-driven NFT collections to celebrate and unify the Phish fan community in Web3 & IRL. Think of it as your web3 pass to 4.0 phandom.

These Artists and More at The Hometown Flodown presented by Phanart!

August 14th Alpine Valley Resort Phanart Show: Line-Up and Exclusive Art

August 14th Phanart Show at Alpine Valley Resort 1pm-6pm

This Sunday, August 14th, Alpine Valley Resort’s Main Lodge hosts Phanart from 1-6pm. With more than 25 artists and vendors we have something in store for every fan. Arrive early and find the best selection and exclusive art and special offers from this years line up!

Important parking info: parking is first come first serve at the Lodge for the PhanArt Show. You can *temporarily* park at the Lodge during the PhanArt Show, but you must move your car after coming to the PhanArt show. Without a parking pass your car could be towed!

You can park at Alpine Valley Music Theatre and walk over to the Lodge, just do not plan to park at the Lodge during the Phish show.

Baba Cool LLC

Future’s so bright you gotta where these shades! So many fun designs to find from Baba Cool! Check out new merch available at the Alpine Valley Phanart show!

New Sunnies!

Stylistic Tendencies

Find fine art styles on Digital Prints and Apparel from Artist Ateet Koka. Available at Phanart in Alpine Valley.

Spectral Colors Art

Spectral Colors Art from artist Steph Witz, specializes in customized jewelry and fluid art. You won’t be able to miss the sparkle!

Disco Earrings
Martian Monster Earrings by Spectral Colors Art

Jayli Clothing

Phish and Grateful Dead inspired clothing and bags for all Genders from Jay Soloday available at Phanart in Alpine Valley.

Jacob Souik’s Thumbprint Press & Design

Jacob is a Poster Artist and Printmaker of nine years and counting with no intentions of slowing down. Don’t miss his inspired designs available at Phanart in Alpine Valley!

Summer 2022

Helping Friendly Cup Company

Sean has been selling his art on the scene since 2019. His creative cups are a fun must have for collectors and drinkers. Get yours at Phanart!


Tela Designs

Tela Designs is an apparel company for phans- inspired by the band and tour. Always looking to bring new styles and designs to our scene.

Sex Plants Rock And Roll

Lindsey started Sex Plants Rock and Roll, an organic and handmade skincare line in 2020 as a way to encourage connection to the planet through deep self care. Treat yourself this run at Phanart. Your body and spirit will appreciate it!


coolAFglass is a female owned stained glass business based out of Milwaukee, WI. Allie, the owner and artist of the stained glass business, is the mastermind behind all designs and glass pieces. Each piece is unique in its own way, because no two glass pieces can be the same! Stop by her table to check out her funky and unique stained glass pieces!



Icculaces is a custom shoelace brand based in Nashville, Tennessee! Started in 2022 to bring custom fan inspire laces to the scene. Level up your kicks with Icculaces available at Phanart.

Mike’s Side!

Outcasty Designs

Apparel and home goods for all of us that feel different from the rest of society.

I <3 PH

Fat Karr Studios

Fat Karr Studios has been doing Phanart for 6 years now! With illustrations and screen prints all created on a farm in Northern Indiana!

Love Light Etc

Get overwhelmed by those Olfactory Hues with a series of handcrafted soy wax candles in so many natural scents there is something to please everyone. Available at Phanart.

Vibrate with Love and Light

Baked Goods Ceramics

Baked Goods Ceramics is a family affair for Brian Kisida. He, his wife & children make all of the art! Get your own at the Alpine Phanart Show!

Baked Goods Ceramics

Ghost Rhombus

Corey from Ghost Rhombus, based in Minneapolis, is an artist that’s been creating for years always with music inspiring me. See Corey’s work at Phanart in Alpine this Summer.

Ghost Rhombus

Stay Tuned for More Artists and Exclusive Art!

Don’t miss these and so many other artists and fans at Phanart’s Alpine Valley Resort Art Show. This Sunday, August 14th from 1pm-6pm in the Main Lodge. See you there….

August 7th at Showboat Atlantic City – Exclusive Art and Deals!

This coming weekend in Atlantic City we are hosting not one but 2 Phanart Shows. In addition to our Saturday show at Caesar’s from 12-5 there will be a second show at the Showboat on Sunday, August 7th from 12-5. With so many of your favorite arists and brands you won’t want to miss out!

Section 119

What better way to hit the beaches in AC than with the perfect Donut Board Shorts. The only thing hotter that Section 119’s Designs are the famous section’s Spicy Chicken Sandwiches. we all know and love. Get your heady apparel at Phanart in AC

Scribbles of Dave

Don’t miss a series of special limited edition prints from the unique and recognizable hand of Dave Russo’s Scribbles of Dave.

Set the Gearshift for the High Gear of your Soul

The Overhead View

The Overhead View is easily one of the most recognized tour brands on the scene. Started in 2014 by Artist and Owner, Bryan Kirk, with a Paul and Silas USPS design and has been growing ever since. Now with over 50 designs, available on Etsy and, gear is available in men’s, women’s, youth, and toddler tees, onesies, men’s and women’s tank tops, hoodies, hats, stickers, pins, and even mugs.

Tela Designs

Tela Designs offers some of the most desirable apparel available in the scene. Born from the love of Phish, Tela Designs is built around the idea of freedom and lifestyle, and all of the items are produced ETHICALLY and CONSCIOUSLY!

Laplaca Pottery Works

Greg Laplaca has been working in clay for 30 years making a wide variety of functional and whimsical items . A few years ago he decided to combine his love of live music with pottery and launched a line of lyric inspired coffee and beer mugs. Each one is hand made by me and no 2 are exactly alike.

Interstellar Dye

Jill Bory’s Tie Dyed creations are in a league of their own, from tapestries to apparel you are sure to find something beautiful for your collection.

Makisupa Metal Works

Lyrical bracelets from Makisupa Metal Works will be on hand at Phanart’s on Sunday at the Showboat. Check out a variety of Vicky’s work on Etsy!

Find these great Artists and Brands along wth so much more at Phanart’s Sunday, August 7th Event at the Showboat in Atlantic City from 12-5.

phrames new Fishman Donuts Nalgene is here

Phrames is thrilled to have worked with Nalgene Water Bottle Company on this is 32 oz Wide Mouth bottle which is BPA Free and made in the USA.
Each features the classic Fishman Donut pattern along with “you’ve got one life, blaze on” in small font around the bottom of the bottle. The Nalgene is a blue translucent bottle with a blue cap.
The large opening on our wide-mouth bottles easily accommodates ice cubes, fits most water purifiers and filters, and makes hand-washing a breeze. The attached loop-top never gets lost and screws on and off easily. Printed graduations let you keep track of your hydration. The Name Bar will help you identify your Nalgene from the rest of your crew’s bottles.
For Purchases and Other Features & Specs please visit Order yours NOW for Only $15 plus shipping.
nalgen 2

This Week in PhanArt History: Vegas 2004

New from PhanArt in 2011 is our weekly Friday Feature: This Week in PhanArt History. Each piece of art we share is from days of Phish in the past, typically from the 1.0 and 2.0 eras, something of note that fans of all ages can appreciate that is featured in the book PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, with some commentary on the piece by PhanArt Pete. If there is a piece of art or genre of PhanArt you would like to see, leave a suggestion in the comments below.

Submitted by Frank and Christine Cortazzo, this sticker takes the iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ and changed it to ‘We Come for Fabulous Phish’

Created by Not Pollock, these prints are given out free to a lucky few in the lots. As the saying goes, ‘If its not free, its not Not Pollock’

By Jason Lees, This Joker poster has a playing card design with reflections on both side of the joker in his 3-coned cap, hoisting a martini with his purple humpback whake and showing his cards: 15, 16, 17, the April 2004 dates.

Isadora Bullock‘s Elvis poster has The King riding The Famous Mockingbird into outer space (where many of us would have blasted off to, had the shows not been a barrel of meh) holding The Helping Friendly Book.

Troy Alexander, Canadian artist extraordinaire and Eh-List Phish fan made numerous amazing posters of this caliber in the Phish 2.0 era. The detail on the upside down faces, mandalas in the center and vivid coloring made this an easy collectors item in the Spring of 2004

See all these and more in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

This Week in PhanArt History: Japan 2000

New from PhanArt in 2011 is our weekly Friday Feature: This Week in PhanArt History. Each piece of art we share is from days of Phish in the past, typically from the 1.0 and 2.0 eras, something of note that fans of all ages can appreciate that is featured in the book PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, with some commentary on the piece by PhanArt Pete. If there is a piece of art or genre of PhanArt you would like to see, leave a suggestion in the comments below.

The Japanese connection to Phish has been consistent since the 1999 Fuji Rock Fest shows which were recently released on Live Phish. In the Summer of 2000, Phish returned to Japan for a run of shows that a lucky few American fans were able to take part in.

In reflecting on this era of Phish and PhanArt, as well as the recent events in Northeast Japan, we share with you the story of Jason Lees, featured artist in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. Also, PhanArtists Lizzy Layne and Ryan Kerrigan have generously donated some of their original artwork to raise funds to benefit Peace Winds America’s Japan Relief Fund. Read to see how you can help and the great art you can get in return for a small donation.

Japan 2000, by Jason Lees

So we’re in Japan of all places, in the midst of a week of Phish shows. We’d been just living it up every night and really getting along with the local heads. Though the language barrier was certainly apparent, a shit eating grin is a shit eating grin no matter what language you speak. It seemed everyone on this tour wore this shit eating grin the entire time.

As we’re walking out of one of the venues (forgive me if I can’t recall which), after another glorious night of music and there’s actually a mini-shakedown street happening. And when I say mini, I mean 4 or 5 vendors selling shirts, one selling jewelry as well as the ever-present Japanese mushroom vendor. One shirt vendor has this great shirt with the word Japhan on the front with a hook through one of the letters. An instant classic. Another shirt vendor had one with a rectangle of Japanese characters where the missing characters spelled out ‘PHISH’. This shirt also had a great print on the back with all the dates and a fish in a kimono waving a Japanese flag. These were quality shirts sold by eager vendors and were an easy sell at 10 yen a piece ($10).

Anyway I’m walking away with two new tour shirts in hand and I see off to the side a young native guy with who appeared to be his girlfriend. They couldn’t have been more then 19. He was tentatively holding up a purple t-shirt but it was really hard to see what was printed on the front. He was almost unsure if he wanted anyone to look at it. Well I walked over to him and asked to see it. The front was like a small jigsaw puzzle of intersecting fish, almost looked like a wood block print of an M.C. Escher design but it wasn’t an M.C. Escher. I gave him a big smile and he turned it around. The back read “Welcome this is the…. PHISH Japan tour 2000″. Then in chicken scratch lettering it gave all the dates and venue information. Below that was the outline of a farmhouse and the words “Think Global Act Local”. All this was obviously hand drawn with different colored paints. And this young guy was obviously the artist. When I expressed how much I loved the shirt his entire demeanor shifted from uneasy to ecstatic. He and his girlfriend were so happy that I appreciated his work. And I sincerely loved the shirt. It was a one of a kind, very unique and I just had to have it. I bought the shirt, exchanged several more smiles with these folks and headed on my way.

But the story doesn’t end there. A show or two later I’m wearing my new purple lot shirt enjoying the buzz of set break when who comes eagerly walking up to me but the couple I bought the shirt from. Though I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, it was obvious they were excited to see me actually wearing the shirt. And it became even more obvious that he wanted to have his picture taken with me wearing his shirt. How could I say no? So the simple act of buying a lot shirt fueled so much positive energy. It helped bridge the language barrier of two very different cultures. And who knows, it may have encouraged this young artist to keep creating beautiful works of art.

You can pick up tons of great PhanArt, both new and old in the PhanArt Store