CrazyRedBeard SuperBallIX Poster and Pin

CrazyRedBeard, nee Jon Blake has created his 2nd ever Phish print. Known for his live painting at shows of all shapes and sizes, Jon is doing a run of 99 posters for SuperBall IX. At the bottom says Watkins Glen twisted up in the design. There is a magic lamp which corresponds with the announcement video, a number of Egyptian hieroglyphs scattered throughout (think the Eye of Horus). Blake also wanted to incorporate a number of spiritual icons: the cross, the Om symbol, a very hidden but present hamsa, there’s a snake charmer’s cobra, seven chakras and their corresponding colors, a Mayan glass skull, alien fluid consciousness, native Indian feathers in a swirling dream crescent of awareness, mummies, the Grim Reaper and much more. The 2 final golden orbs collude with the 7 chakras to equal 9 total balls.

Handbill prints are 5 x 11 : $20 includes shipping; Large prints are 10 x 22 : $60 with shipping

Pins are $35 including shipping

Both prints and pins will be available ON LOT at Alphraretta, Charlotte, Raleigh and Portsmouth

Paypal to

Super Ball 9 print
SB 9 pin


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