Curt Holzer’s ‘Phirst of the Year’

Newcomer Curt Holzer’s NYE print this year builds off his futuristic animated style from Miami 2009. This print measures 38″x13″ and is in an edition of 100 signed and numbered prints. Each print costs $30 with $5 shipping while each additional poster costs $10 extra.

The piece is a digital illustration of NYC as seen through Curt’s eyes with yet another “Big Ass Fish” for a focal point.  Subway cars, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, MSG, Times Square, Chrysler Building, and The Statue of Liberty can all be found within the borders.  A few song references can be found on kiosks, in space, and there is a familiar red haired man on the jumbotron in Times Square.  All art comes from Curt’s sketchbook renderings of ideas he had after his first visit to NYC a little over two months ago. The finishing digital touches and the hours he has put into this project have been countless, and for Curt, the reward is priceless, and he hopes the Phans simply enjoy!

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