Dan Grzeca’s Super Tube Sale!

Dan Grzeca, a Chicago artist and the talent behind Phish’s Official poster for UIC and many others is doing a big housecleaning at his shop this week…

“I’m putting together an amazing bunch of Mystery Tubes with six prints in them each. Most of the prints selected are editioned or “near miss” prints with a tiny drop of ink in the margin, or are overruns from the editions. These are some great assortments of work and probably the best “Mystery Tube” I’ll ever put together. Most tubes will have 4 18 x 24 size prints, one 22 x 30 print or similarly oversized print and a special 12 x 19 print ONLY available with this sale! So, its a special deal, for sure.

In Addition: 3 of the tubes will be BOXES, shipped flat to include a hand painted monoprint from the last 3 Monument Removal Technician paintings I have in the shop! Super Fantastic!!

I made about 75 of these up, so act quickly as I expect these to go fairly fast.”

Go to Dan’s site to order one of these tubes and get some great prints!

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