Dogs Stole Things & I Didn’t Know Shirts

A message I received today for two t-shirts available at Deer Creek and Alpine Valley:

My two phriends and I designed two shirts several years ago and are now selling the surplus that we accumulated due to economic conditions.
The first shirt we designed contains a picture of Otis Redding on the front with “I Didn’t Know” text on the back. This shirt is $15, with $1 of every purchase being donated to the Mockingbird Foundation. Otis shirts come in white.

Otis' front
Otis' back

The second shirt says Apprehended & Sniffed Est. 2003 and depicts an unfortunate situation experienced by us at The Gorge in 2003 (lesson learned- wear your seat belt upon entry to concert venues!). The back text reads “Dogs Stole Things“. This shirt is $12, with $1 of every purchase donated to the Mockingbird Foundation. Apprehended shirts come in gray.

Dogs stole this shirt
Dogs stole things, back

Both shirts are Gildan Heavy Duty 100% cotton available in XL only. only,

These shirts will be available at both Deer Creek shows, camping on site, and both Alpine shows. These can also be purchased by emailing me at Payment can be made through paypal, with info on paypal coming after the shows. An additional shipping fee applies

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