Donations from artists Fall 2011

Special thanks goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over September and October!

They have been incredibly generous and through their efforts and donations, they will support the efforts of Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Sam and Evan of El Del Inc 1 Pheriodic table of Elements and 1 Mikes Song Longsleeve.

Possum pins fron 10 minute tube designs2 Sloth pins

Wookstock Poster by Jambandistan People’s Creative Cooperative – 5 Wookstock Posters

N’Lytn Design Co. – Golgi/Google and Twitter/Tweezer shirts on white

Vermont Relief Pin from Party Time Pins 2 Vermont pins

Couch Tour Posters and Pins from Off Lot Productions – $30 to Waterwheel Foundation

“Why Weigh on a Sunny Day”and Manteca Pins from stuPINdous Creations – Two manteca pins

“Phuck Yeah” Stickers and “Bouncin” Shirts by Phil – 1 Large Bouncin shirt and 10 Phuck Yeah stickers

Superball IX Race car pins and 25th, 50th & 100th show pins from Rory Boyan – $5

Lot Life stickers, posters, buttscratchas and Super ‘Ballin’ Wook shirts – $10

Original Page Against the Machine Stickers from Mike Distante –$15

HarryHood Hollywood Bowl Posters from Steve Forsthoefel 3 posters

Tammy Bick Slave to the Traffic light Ink drawing

Total: 25 pieces of Phanart and $60 in donations to Mockingbird and Waterwheel, with more to come!

Please support these artists who have so graciously donated their art and money to help support The Mockingbird Foundation and music education.

If you are interested in buying any of these donated items, email phanart (at) gmail and we can work out a donation to Mockingbird in exchange.

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