Donations from Artists, Summer Tour leg 2

Great thanks to the following artists for their donations to PhanArt and our efforts to raise money for The Mockingbird Foundation

Mike Wren – 2 Otis Redding shirts and 2 Dogs Stole Things shirts

Rich Tolentino – 4 ‘Starting 5’ shirts: Leo & Red & Cactus & Henrietta & CK5.

Buds – 2 Posters, ‘Icculus is the Answer’ and ‘Makisupa Stop and Search’

Melaniejane Barnum – 2 Bathtub Gin prints and 1 Hampton Fountain print

Bruce Horan – Jones Beach Summer Tour Poster

Richard Pearlman – We want you to be Happy stickers

Whysnow – A few Telluride Wookie Merit Badges

Lizzy Layne – Telluride poster and Fest 8 poster

Lot Lifestyle – 2 Friday the 13th Deer Creek prints (the Jason one) and 2 Alpine Valley prints, as well as a Lot Lifestyle poster, #33/100

These items will be part of the forthcoming auctions from PhanArt to benefit Mockingbird

Thank you to all the artists!

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