Donations from PhanArt blog artists, round 2

Every two months we update the site with a new round of donations from the artists featured on the blog. Each of these artists has contributed some of their art to PhanArt for future use in auctions, or profits from the sale of the art directly to The Mockingbird Foundation. Thanks to YOUR support of these ARTISTS, we are continuing to raise money for music education throughout the country. Thank you for all your help and purchases of this great art.  More donations to come in May….

John Goldacker – NYE Poster

Jeffery and Holly Bowling– $35

J.M. Sahr – $50

Steve Rogers 2 Fall Tour Posters

Wear Your Jewlery – Mike Gordon Guitar String Bracelet (value of $150)

Franky Scaglione – 2 Miami NYE posters

Noah Phence – ‘Also Sprach Zarathrusta’ poster

William Pompeii – $20

Art Hoffman – $15

Michael Babb – $40

Josh Carpenter – $9

Steve Hillmann –  $15 (Steve also previously donated a set of pillowcases which went for $40 at our silent auction 2/7/09)

Curt Holzer – $20

Andrew Abis – 2 Festival 8 Prints

Drew Suto – 3 posters from Festival 8, Fall Tour and Miami

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