Donations from the Artists featured on the PhanArt Blog to The Mockingbird Foundation

The purpose of the PhanArt Blog is not only to showcase the newest lot art and to provide a forum for phans and artists alike to sell their wares free of charge, it is also a venue to raise money for The Mockingbird Foundation, which raises funds for music education for children nationwide.

The first few months of the PhanArt Blog have been a great success, and we are happy to share with you the donations artists that have taken part in the site have made to The Mockingbird Foundation and/or PhanArt for future fundraising for The Mockingbird Foundation.

Since this is the first time we are sharing with the Phish public the amount each artist has donated as a result of taking part in the blog, and in the holiday spirit, we at PhanArt have offered to MATCH all monetary donations made by the artists.

The gracious donations from the blog artists, in no specific order….

Mitchell Rednour$10

Christine Lafferty – $10

Drew Suto – Copies of Surrender to the Flow for the Holiday Bundle

Vinny Naro – Five posters plus $5 of every poster sold via PhanArt blog for his NYE print!

Gregory Brenner – A complete set of prints from his Gamehendge series for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Zack Dacuk – 4 Rift shirts for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Neal Flesner – $10

Eric Wyman – $10

Steve Rogers – $25 and 5 prints for auction/sale for Mockingbird

Drew Fioravanti – $10

You Enjoy Me – 2 ‘onesies’ for future auctions

Jiggs – 4 shirts and a dozen stickers

Daniel Kassel – $6

Erin Cadigansummer 2009 poster and sticker set

Kale Worden – an Alaska shirt

PhanArt shirt deal on 12/15 – $10

That’s a grand total of $91 from artists, plus 11 shirts, 17 prints, a bunch of stickers, and much more! Since this is the holiday season and the first time PhanArt has done a Holiday Bundle, we at PhanArt are going to MATCH the $91 donated by the artists, for a total of $182! Add to the that our Holiday Bundle of phanart which went for $72, and thats $254 raised for The Mockingbird Foundation since November 1st!

Extreme gratitude to the artists and participants of the blog the past couple months. We have had a tremendous response, with more than 30,000 hits on the site since we started tracking in late November. Raising money for The Mockingbird Foundation has been amazing this year, and we still have Mock Show in Miami to go to, and the second printing of PhanArt to finish selling before we add more to the blog!

Thank you to one and all!  If you want to be part of the blog, contact Pete at for more info.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Years to all!

– the PhanArt Board of Advisors

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