Donations from UIC and Da Mock Show

Once again, Da Mock Show was a great success. Using donated pieces of art – shirts, posters, stickers, pins, badges, etc…, plus a % of PhanArt sales, we were able to raise $200 to benefit The Waterwheel Foundation. Special thanks to Jason Kaczorowski for setting up yet another successful poster show, Julie and Vanessa for helping setup and run the table with me (PhanArt Pete) and to all who stopped by and picked up something from the table and supported the artists and The Waterwheel Foundation.

We also had some donations at UIC to note:

Six merit badges from Patchy McPatcherson (not his real name)

Dead fish eye pin from John Warner of JDub Allstars and coming soon…..

Lot life for two posters and 10 Superball NY license plate stickers

Ryan Kerrigan – Chicago sticker

Jonny from – Silhoutette shirt and 12 stickers

Thank you all for your support. Including this $200, we have raised nearly $1500 this year alone, with much more to come in the final months of the year!

PhanArt Pete

One thought on “Donations from UIC and Da Mock Show”

  1. Hay Pete,
    It was nice to meet you at UIC!! I’m glad to here the art show was a success. Man I loved the art show as well, I just wish I would have more money to pick up some of those great prints I saw there. Take care and I wish I could make it to Dick’s next weekend.
    Jeb Benson

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