Donations to Mockingbird – Late 2013

Great thanks and appreciation goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt over November and December of 2013! With these donations, PhanArt and Friends raised more than $5,000 for the 2013 calendar year and over $14,000 since August 2009 for The Mockingbird Foundation. Immense gratitude goes to the dozens of artists and supportive patrons who made this possible. Through their incredible generosity and spreading their art on PhanArt, these donations to The Mockingbird Foundation will help to promote music education throughout the country.

Of note this past fall was the “You Can’t Spell Charity Without Art” campaign, which was a huge success and had over 150 sold in just over 5 hours. This is reflected in the total of donations at the bottom of the page. Please give thanks and support the following artists featured on PhanArt this past fall who donated to The Mockingbird Foundation:

Isadora Bullock’s New Year’s Print – “Theme” – $94

Tracy Grosner is Pushing Your Buttons – $20

Fishman Necklace from Emily Dwan – $3

New T-Shirt Designs from MyPhavoriteSongs – Llama shirt

Heady Tweezer Shirts, Hoodies and Pins from TrippHippie – $15, shirt and pin

Fishy Ornaments by stASH – $40

Humble Viking T-Shirts and Hoodies – $25

You Can’t Spell Charity Without Art – Three Posters for $30 to Benefit Mockingbird Foundation! – $1,300

New “Run Like an Antelope” pin from Park McGee – 2 pins

Fall Tour Pins And More From StuPINdous Creations – 4 pins

Fuego Shirts from Phish PDX – $22

‘Can’t I Live While I’m Middle Aged’ Stickers – $25

Brian Hill Prints for Hampton & Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City – $30

Halloween 2013 Poster by Erin Cadigan – 10 posters!

Boardwalk Empire inspired Atlantic City poster by Steve Beebie – 5 posters

New Roggae Pin from Eric Weber – 2 pins

Rock N Roll Resort Tiny Rager Pin – 1 pin

Ewok Fishman Pin from Eli – $15

DWD T-Shirt UNO Card Style by Karen Chapman & Phreedom – $10

Matt Kaplan’s “Phall Phun with Phiends and Phamily” Poster – 2 posters

Spock’s Brain AC 2013 Print from Quinn Sabatini – 2 posters

Fishman Christmas Stocking From Weezawear – $150

Atlantic City Halloween Silkscreen Print by Lizzy Storm – $30

Total: $1,779, 10 pins, 19 posters, 2 shirts

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