Donations to the Blog for Mockingbird, Late Fall 2010 edition

Below is a list of the donations made by artists who have been a part of the PhanArt Blog in the past few months. We thank them greatly for their donations, monetary or otherwise, to help support The Mockingbird Foundation.

If you would like to purchase any of the donated items via a donation to Mockingbird Foundation, please contact PhanArt Pete at phanart [at] gmail.

Curt Holzer – 2 NYC Posters

Eric Sommer – t-shirt

Tripp – Set of 3 Posters – Worcester, NYC and 1/1/11 currently up for bid!

Lizzy Layne – Fuck Your Face poster

Noah Phence – NYE Coffee Table poster

Bruce Horan – Rhythm Guide poster

Peter Washburn and Phil Luong – 3 posters from summer tour

Jeff Crookes – Set of 3 MSG merit badges

Rich Tolentino – $20

Erin Cadigan – NYE Poster

Dan Takacs and Surrender to the Flow keychains – $50

Adam Davidoff – $20.11

Party Time Pins – 4 pins – 8, Deer Creek, Greek and Miami

Steve Rogers – Worcester print

Eric Weber – $10

Jon Blake – Back on the Train Pin

Branden Otto – Worcester Poster

Adam Miscezewski – 2 2-color NYE Posters

Jennifer Kahn – $

Total money raised for Mockingbird: $100.11 and over a dozen posters and so much more to come!

Thank you all for your kindness. Please support these artists who have supported Mockingbird Foundation!

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