Drew Suto’s Poster Art

Surrender to the Flow Artistic director Drew Suto has limited quantities of posters of his limited edition artwork from Surrender to the Flow for sale. Drew has been a part of Surrender to the Flow from the beginning of the fanzine, started by Christy Articola, and if you have ever read an issue page by page, you have come across Drew’s artwork. His limited edition prints are not only stellar but also provides the backdrop to a most-unique publication that continues to have a positive impact on the Phish community.

Artwork from the Festival 8, Fall Tour and Miami posters are featured in these prints that are signed and numbered in editions of 15 for 8 and Miami and editions of 50 for Fall Tour. Each poster is only $10, with free shipping and handling.

You can pick up any of these prints using Paypal. Send $10 for each print you want to niki.chaos@yahoo.com

Fall Tour
Festival 8

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