End of Summer Tour Recap

This past summer tour was amazing. First leg has a leg up on second leg, but we wanted to give thanks for this great summer!

Thank you to all the artists who donated prints to PhanArt to help us raise money for Mockingbird

All our good friends and phamily who were there over the course of the tour. Tour is definitely better when you do it with friends, among other things.

Special thanks to Warren ‘The 5 Guy’ for the Miracle at Deer Creek. 20th row never looked so good! Also thanks for the poster!

20th row 8/12/10

It was great meeting up with all the great friends made via Twitter, including the PhanArt Street Team – AliJoshPete and all the others who get out flyers at shows! Great time at Deer Creek!

Thanks to Amy Ped for the place to stay on Long Island!

Solid round of applause and thanks to Melanie for driving a solid 2000 miles with PhanArt and still having her always positive and always happy attitude.

It was great meeting tons of people on this tour, thanks for stopping by and picking up some art and supporting PhanArt!

See you this fall in Utica, Providence, Amherst and Atlantic City. We’ll have PhanFood cookbooks for sale all fall tour!

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