THREE by Erin Cadigan, designs in Camden and Merriweather

PhanArtist Erin Cadigan will be debuting her new line THREE Erin Cadigan at the Camden lot. The line is ten new designs based like much of her work on science, myth, ancient cultures, aliens and spirituality. She has been selling the THREE line on tour since summer 1997 but this will be the first full line.

Erin is normally on tour selling her new work but since she is just getting started as a fully self employed artist, her shows have been sadly limited this summer.

If you don’t catch her at Camden, you may see her at MPP, definitely at Super Ball 9 and some of the West Coast shows. Look for her both on lot and on Shakedown tomorrow!!

Click here to see more on her line and here to see more on her work in general

Look for Erin’s SuperBall IX Poster coming soon!

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