Exclusive Art available at the Fenway and Mohegan Sun PhanArt shows

THREE PhanArt shows are coming your way this July and we have our first look at the exclusive art available at the shows.

Nick Difabbio

Nick has a selection of prints, pins and toys for the Fenway shows! His digital prints are 12″ x 18″ and in a limited edition of 50 – Turtle In The Clouds, Face Plant & Sloth are available for $30, two for $50 and three for $75.  Black and white deckled prints on heavy cotton will be available for the Sloth and Face Plant as well. These are a limited edition of 15 and available for $40. Nick’s glow in the dark Cactus Ghost pin is a limited edition of 50 pieces and available for $20 each. Possum Ghost resin toys are a limited edition of 20 pieces and available for $35. All items are one per person and folks are able to come back and buy additional items for friends after the initial morning rush.

Vinny Naro

Vinny will have his intricately hand drawn Camden print at both Fenway shows (Edition of 100, 18″x24″), his first Phish print in nearly a decade! This 4-color screenprint is blacklight reflective and come from Vinny who has branched out to create official art for The Disco Biscuits and moe. in recent years.

Brandy Davis

Brandy’s newest song illustration, “Waste” is a digital print measuring 11″ x 14″, each costs $15. Find this and many more prints from her at both Fenway shows!

Ryan Kerrigan

As always, Ryan Kerrigan will have an impressive array of art, with something for everyone. For this summer’s shows, you will find: Fenway Happy Fish Sticker (available only at the Boston Waterwheel table and Mohegan Sun show, 2 for $5) Fenway wooden coaster/bottle openers ($10 each or 4 for $35) Fenway Happy Fish poster (13″ x 19″, edition of 55, $20) Fenway park poster (13″ x 19″, edition of 100, $20) Fenway park shirt ($25), Fenway Happy Fish pin (edition of 150, $15) Fenway park plush fleece blanket (60″ x 80″, very limited supply available at phanart, $100 each), Mohegan Sun Happy Fish pin, edition of 100, $15), Mohegan Sun Happy Fish poster (13″ x 19″, edition of 25, $20)

Faith Sponsler/Augery Press

Faith has two prints and will be at both PhanArt show. Both Fenway and Mohegan Sun posters seen below measure 11″ x 17″ in a signed and numbered limited edition of 45 and are printed on high quality cream cardstock.

Of note on the Mohegan Sun print is a geometric design inspired by Wombi Rock, a three-story high crystal mountain crafted of alabaster and more than 12,000 individual plates of hand-selected onyx, which can be found inside the casino at Mohegan Sun.

Dave Russo

These posters are drawn in Dave Russo’s common style which was forged as a cartoonist documenting the scene since the Great Went. While Dave is not primarily a poster artist, it’s hard to resist creating a commemorative piece for the shows he plans to attend. Along side the Mohegan Sun poster, there will also be a small run of playing cards. The image depicts phamiliar characters playing ancestral versions of their instruments, each representing kings of a different suit.  Originals will be released at PhanArt Boston. Prints are already available online but a portion will be reserved for the PhanArt shows. A portion of proceeds will go to Groovesafe and The Waterwheel Foundation. In addition to these pieces, the PhanArt exhibits will also feature several previous works. 

Bangor, Saratoga Springs and Fenway prints all measure 11″ x 17″ in an edition of 50 each, with Mohegan Sun measuring 11″ x 15″ in an edition of 50.


With a wide array of stickers, pins, sunglasses and other misc. memorabilia, stop by 415HolyGuy’s setup at the Mohegan Sun show!

Caleb Williamson

Caleb started making posters in 2013 with his “Land of Lizards” poster. Since then, Caleb has made posters for Twiddle, Phil & Friends, The Disco Biscuits, Big Something and many more bands. “Fenway 2019″ is a high quality giclee print, which measures 12″x18” in an edition size of 75. All prints are signed and numbered, $25 each. Catch Caleb in Boston with even more art from his catalog!

Andrew Bryant

Andrew brings back popular Band in Lights pin series for Summer Tour 2019 in an edition of 100. And following up the great success of the ‘Band in Steam’ print that was debuted at the Las Vegas PhanArt show in 2016, a new ‘Band in Lights’ print has been made in the same vein. The print is a limited edition of 150, measures 9″x18″ and is printed on Archival Matte Paper.

The Helping Friendly Salve

In commercial production since 2017, The Helping Friendly Salve is a topical hemp therapy that has been found to help treat symptoms for many skin, muscle, and joint conditions including psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, restless legs, cuts, bruises, inflammation, swelling, sunburn, tattoo aftercare, deep tissue bruising, joint swelling, nerve pain, and many more! This topical is offered in a 4oz jar and features 200mg of phytocannabinoid rich of hemp oil extract grown and processed in Colorado.

The Helping Friendly Salve brings value and effectiveness for the everyday user of topical hemp products. Stop by their tables at Fenway and Mohegan Sun for more info or visit their website to check out the wide variety of additional treatments available.

Phinancial Guy

Big thanks to @phinancialguy for helping underwrite this summer’s PhanArt shows. Stop by his table at Mohegan to learn more about his unique approach to helping you achieve your financial goals. Visit phinancialguy.com for more info.

Woods Galleries

Woods Galleries are coming up on 50 years in business and offer quality craftsmanship & competitive prices. Woods Galleries is a one man operation, so the person you talk with is the one doing all the work. Mention this ad & receive a 10% discount!

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