Fall Tour Pins And More From StuPINdous Creations

StuPINdous Creations brings you 4 NEW pins from this fall.  The first one is the Phish 30 year Scarab. This pin has lots of symbolism from the Rhombus, to THE BOOK, and the 15 wings on each side (30 total), just to name a few. This pin also contains glitter and THE BOOK glows in the dark. It is a limited edition of 100.  You can have this pin for $15image (14)

The Phish Hamsa/The Wedge. This pin is all hand drawn and following the Scarab contains lots of symbolism and glitter!  It measures 1.5 inches tall and is done on antique metal.  This is the 2nd of the Phish Egyptian pin series.  Limited edition of 100.  Only $15 shipped.image (15)

You can also pick up a Scarab Pin and a Hamsa/The Wedge Pin for only $24.00!image (16)

SpuPINdous is also here with The Phall Tour 2013 leaves.  This pin was all hand drawn and contains 3 cutouts.  Limited edition of 100.  $15 shipped

image (17)

The last pin from StuPINdous Creations is the 2nd of 3 Crushing Pins series, because the boys are officially crushing it now! The follow up to the orange Crushing Summer Tour, The grape Crushing Fall Tour 2013.  Lots of glitter!  Limited edition of 100. $15 shipped

image (18)


You can pick up all 4 of these brand new pins for only $48.00 shipped!

image (19)


You can also head to his website to purchase any of these pins, along with his large variety of phan art products: www.stupindouscreations.com

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