Fishman purses!

These items have been discontinued. Please go to ____________ to see the newest creations from Mama Kat!

Glens Falls native Kat Griffin has found in her spare time a great hobby that phans will love – Taking that certain unique cymbal, the orange cheerio, and making it into unique and collectible items!

The padded stash bag is approx.  10″ x 6″ and is great for hiding stuff. What stuff? Whatever stuff you got to hide, man. $25 with $4.95 s+h

A nice treat for the ladies, this satchel features a large velcro patch on inside flap and also on outside of bag. There’s a secret hidden chamber inside the outside patch as well as a fashion fish blown glass closure piece. $43.00 (size is approx 15″ X 16″); $38 for a  smaller purse (12″ X 12″)  s+h for both sizes is $6.95

These little orange cheerio pins measure about 1 3/4″ x 1″. Handmade with felt glued to heavy backing with closable pin on back. $6.00 with $2.95 s+h

A little bit of both

6 thoughts on “Fishman purses!”

  1. These are cute and everything but — $43 for a blue jean satchel purse is beyond ridiculous.. I suspect some are sold at this price.. But not to me.. Thanks for the look, tho.

  2. hi gina! kat here maker of the cheerio bags. glad you think they are cute. thanks for the compliment. they are! i can understand how you can be surprised by the price. $43 may sound like a lot. it is always very difficult to price hand made items. it’s a fine line an artist/craftsman walks between pricing something for sale vs pricing something that is fair “trade” for the time and love i spent making something. the time that went into sewing all those orange cheerios is not insignificant. the inside, with the lining and pockets (and a secret stash pocket taboot!) was also meticulously done. it’s not something i just whipped out. and the mockingbird foundation gets a cut of the action also. that’s good karma for all concerned.
    so ya. taking materials and time into consideration and all, it’s hard to please everyone with pricing. my hope is that someone out there will come upon these and get into the serendipity and love that went into making them.


  3. As a seamstress myself, I can see that sewing all of those donuts on is an INSANE amount of work, not to mention the heft of the fabric and dealing with doubling that to make seams…a lot of work for you and a lot of stress on your machine! They look AWESOME!

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