Flying 8ball shirts by SanBerdino

These are some amazing shirts. Not only a flying eye-ball, but also an 8, thereby, a flying 8ball!

Description: The creator, Josh, has a very limited batch of 75 shirts each shirt individually hand dyed and designed by Dr. Livingston in the mountains of Montana. They are available in assorted colors.

Each shirt is subtly different from another due to hand dyeing. The print comes with or without dates as exemplified in the photos below.

Josh has 40 shirts or so left, so pick one up today!

Choose from Conventionally grown Short Sleeves (S-XL) $17 or

Patagonia Organic Long Sleeves $25 (L-XL)

There is no print on the back of the shirts. All shirts are preshrunk.


*Free 8 pack of Stickers with shirt purchase.

8 sticker mitch

Important Note for Interested Parties:  There are multiple shades of colors, so please contact josh at for your purchase, as each shirt is individually unique!

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