Franky Scaglione Lake Tahoe prints ‘Mind the Skipper’

From Franky Scaglione, his new print, ‘Mind the Skipper’

Summer is (still) here and, along with summer comes summer tour and along with summer tour comes fresh art! I just returned to the States from my yearlong residence in Hungary and I’m coming back with a brand new print I’ve been working on for these first-ever Phish shows in Lake Tahoe!

Meet roadie Bob Wiley… sailing on a boat, on Lake Tahoe, way, far away from the dock… hauling all Phish’s gear to the Outdoor Arena for a ripping two-night stand in Stateline, NV! Mind The Skipper is my first concert print since The Antelope Stakes (Saratoga 2010) and my only print of 2011… but I look forward to picking up where I left off next year, and I hope Phish does too!

Price is $35 including shipping/handling, reinforced poster tube, etc. to anywhere in the US/Canada. Prints will be available for $25 in the lots at Harvey’s Outdoor Arena this Tuesday and Wednesday. If you miss me at the shows and prints remain, I will be happy to send you one (you’ll just have to pick up the shipping costs)...

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact me at paisleyblue(at)gmail(dot)com.

As always, all subscribers (who have purchased at least four of my prints) will be receiving free shipping (and of course, you’ll receive the same number print that you’ve gotten in the past); just remind me when you send payment. For anyone that would like to become a subscriber, I am happy to reserve the same print number for you (as long as it’s still available) and guarantee you free shipping for every print after four purchased.

‘Mind The Skipper’

Lake Tahoe 2011
Edition of 125
100lb Cougar
24″ x 18″
3 colours

detailed closeup



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