Franky Scaglione prints from Miami and 8

Franky Scaglione was a big hit at the recent Mock Show in Miami. His prints are unique and ready to frame. He has some limited OctoFest prints (less than 20) left, as well as a few Magic City Binge prints from his Miami run.

Pick up these prints before they sell out! Purchase via PayPal sending money to

Cost for prints is $35 for one print, which includes shipping.  Get two prints for $62 and you save $8.  Buy three at $87 and you save almost $20!

Check out Franky’s previous work, which has since sold out, Mount Phishmore!

Magic City Binge
Mount Phishmore - sold out

One thought on “Franky Scaglione prints from Miami and 8”

  1. I absolutely love the 8 print. got one myself and saving up to frame it just right. Actually ran into Franky at some ungodly hour at festival. Real cool guy. Can’t wait to see what else comes out of this guy in the coming years. keep it up man.

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