GH Series – Helping Friendly Book Pins

Show your love and know your phriends with this new set of Helping Friendly Book Pins from Colleen Slebzak. Part of her magical Gamehendge series, this subtle work speaks volumes. A utopian roadmap and the last vestige of a paradise lost, the HFB breathes life into the whole story. Written by the great and knowledgable Icculus. YEAH! My children are old enough to Read-Icculus.

GH Bridge Pins: HFB Set

Each Pin measures .5″ by .5″, with sets of 5 in Nickel, Antique Silver, Silver, Antique Gold, and Gold, for only $45. Let them know you know, let them know you care. Get a pin for you and your phriends. Order yours HERE!

hfb scrol
HFB Scroll

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