GH Series – Lizards Pins (Four different ones)

The Lizards were a race of people practically extinct from doing things smart people don’t do. Admit it – you’re a Lizard too! We all know “The Lizards”, the anthem of Gamehendge, with Trey’s iconic solo filled with a beauty and longing that stretches out like a sad lament for a paradise lost, but few have dug as deeply into the text of the original thesis as Colleen Slebzack. She brings the Lizards to life as never before in the second Bridge Set of her Gamehendge Pin Series, The Lizards.


Each Lizard represents a character from the original tale. Measuring .5″ by .5″ these Open Edition sets of four are a must have for any real phan.  Only $45 shipped! Order yours now and share them with your Phriends!


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