Ghetto Lot Kids Shirts and Stickers

From Ed Reibsamen, Ghetto Lot Kids shirts and stickers are here. These have been around for a while, and on Sunday at Merriweather Post Pavilion we finally got to meet and chat. Here on the blog, find some hysterical and poignant creations from Ed and his friend Scarlett.

The story, in Ed’s words: My ex- girlfriend Scarlett was on a barge back from Wakarusa in 2004 with her friend Colleen. It was nearly 4 in the morning and they were semi-delirious from lack of sleep and  talking and what not, when one of them was commenting on how strange it is that its all our friends from Richmond, VA (our hometown) are the “ghetto kids on lot“. Colleen laughed and said “ha ha the ghetto lot kids” and Scarlett immediately made the connection to the 80s trend of Garbage Pail Kids.

Scarlett called me up a few hours later and I immediately recognized what a brilliant idea it was. We started riffing on different possible characters, some roughly based on people we knew, some tour archetypes. I started making sketches the same day and continued over the next few months. I learned Adobe Illustrator for making the art and a friend at a screen printing shop was printed 5 to start. A website was made and via MySpace, they went viral.

From MySpace, I became associated with a band from Olympia, Washington, Z Kamp, and did their album cover artwork Ghetto Lot Kids style. In 2008 we started making stickers and had more shirts printed. More are coming in a few weeks: “Wraps a lot Randal“, “Floor Space Phil“, “Insty Head Fred“, and “Wookie Wendy“.

These stickers and shirts can be ordered from our site –

Shirts are $20. T-shirts are limited edition. Sizes that remain include:

Beaster Work Kirk: L, M, and 1 xl left
Blue K Faye: S, L, M
Candy Flippin Andy: xl, m, 1 large left
Nitrous Mafia Mike: s, m
Pharm Team Darlene: m, 1 large and 1 xxl left
Cheeseball Charley: xxl, 1 xl left, large, medium, 1 small left

Packs of 10 stickers are $9. Paranoid Floyd is printed on perforated blotter and costs $12.

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