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You can’t have a good Phish show without a good glow stick war, and you can’t have a good glow stick war without glow sticks. A void has been filled: is here and they have glow stick deals for you.

Well, not really glow sticks as in those heavyarmy-surplus store kind. Rather the little skinny ones that don’t hurt when they come whizzing out of the air. They also form glow rings, which have made for many a nice trail to catch flying through the air mid set. GSW has created their own brand of concert-friendly glow sticks, called Show Sticks. And the packaging even features a sick shot taken by a fan during a war at Festy 8. comes to fans PhanArt Recommended and PhanArtApproved, because they contribute to the making of LIVE ART by the fans at Phish shows, a type of performance art that is fleeting and if you miss it, it’s gone.

You can stock up on Show Sticks by clicking on the Buy Now button below.  For $5.99 you get a tube of 100 Show Sticks: Thin, 8″ Concert-Friendly Glow Sticks with 100 Bracelet Connectors; Show Sticks are non-toxic and non-flammable. This is a pre-sale offer, and all products will be delivered by the first week of June.

A portion of ALL proceeds is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.
Pick up glowsticks at today!

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