Guerrilla Tees releases six shirts for summer tour

Eric Marshall’s design company, Guerrilla Tees, has a set of 6 designs for Summer Tour 2012, coming to a lot near you. For those who don’t find Eric and co. on lot, you can check out and pick up all the shirts below right here on PhanArt. All Guerrilla designs are screen printed using high quality t shirts, and 10% of each sale goes to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation. Check out their designs below. All shirts are $16.99 plus $3 shipping.

NICU/NHL If you love hockey and love NICU, show your support for the band and the league with this NHL/NICU parody t shirt. This is available in heather and in charcoal.

The Heat/Meat parody was inspired from this year’s NBA playoffs. Even if you don’t like the Heat, we’re here to offer you some Meat.  Be sure to grab this championship specialty shirt.

Sleeping Monkey is a mash up of a popular coffee and a familiar primate. The day that this shirt arrives, you’ll be more than just revived. Riding home on the train in style with this one.

Phantastic Four comes from the comic books, with the four boys in full force ready to rock your world with this one. The new Phantastic Four shirt is a must have for all fans of the band.

Lego/Llama, everyone’s favorite toy as a kid combined with a fan’s favorite band.

Harry Hood/Harley Davidson: when the light comes back on, be a hit with this parody t-shirt.

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