Hand Knit Hats made by Stuphoria

These warm, hand knit hats have different Phish related patterns or song names. They are made with high quality acrylic/wool yarn. Each design is of a very limited edition. He can only make one hat at a time, so each hat comes out a little bit different. So you will get a one of a kind piece! They are all hand made by Stu, and one size fits all. Perfect for the NYE run in NYC!

Some example patterns for order are Bathtub Gin, Shafty, It’s Ice, Ghost, Fuck Your Face, Seven Below, Lizards, Waves and Fishman donuts!
Most hats are $30 + $4 for shipping.

Custom orders are $35 + $4 for shipping.

When wanting to request a specific hat, please email Stuphoria for the type of hat you are looking for.

Visit Stu’s etsy Page to purchase!

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