Submission Guidelines

Did you create some art that you would like to feature on Phanart.Net?

We want to showcase your art! We also ask that you follow our Artist Submission Guidelines that are laid out below.

1. If you are selling your item during a tour or during an art show, please let us know so we can let our readers know!

2. We do not charge to be a part of PhanArt. We simply ask that you donate to charity or send us a piece of art that will be auctioned off at a later date for the Mockingbird foundation.

To View Our Latest Artist / Member Contributions Click Here

So Far We Have Raised over $18,000  for the Mockingbird Foundation! All from donations from artists and members just like you!

3. Please familiarize yourself with the general rules for avoiding violating Phish Copyright protection. It is important that those creating art do not make an item that cannot be posted on PhanArt or worst, one that can be confiscated on lot.

4. Submit at least 1 picture and description of what it is you made. (pics under 2mb please) An optional bio of yourself is cool too. *It is strongly suggested that you watermark your photos to prevent anyone from appropriating them*.

5. Of course, please link on your site and spread the word to your friends!

  Familiarize yourself by reading these three articles: Smart Art in the Phish Community, Why You Shouldn’t use the Phish Logo, The usage of the word Phish and images of the band members likeness. 

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