Headcount Postcards from Pollock, TRiPP, Masthay and more!

This summer, HeadCount is teaming with Phish and artists to promote voter registration. All you have to do to get one of these limited edition postcards is sign a pledge on the back, then HeadCount will mail you the card in November to remind you of your commitment to vote. Jim Pollock explained to HeadCount executive director Andy Bernstein in a new interview. “I kind of wanted to do the positives so they’re riding bikes; they’re not riding cars. But it’s still a race. It’s the red against the blue jerseys. I’m pretty up front about my political beliefs, but I like to see a good race. I’d like to see both parties thrive and to have more parity.”

Jim Pollock

Along with Pollock’s postcard are unique designs from David Welker, AJ Masthay, TRIPP, Gwen AP, Jamie Hunstsman and tattoo artist Luke Wessman. Each postcards will be part of a single run, and as a bonus, if you sign the pledge, you are automatically entered in a drawing for a free trip on Jam Cruise or one of Cloud 9’s other music destination trips!


h/t Jambase

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