Ian Cross Superball IX print

This print is an 11×17 Phan Art poster by Ian Cross celebrating Superball 9.

From the artist:

“The idea came to me when thinking about the word Superball, I thought to myself that our solar system contains the largest comprehensible Superballs of them all, eight planets plus our sun=Superball 9.  It’s printed on thick super glossy photo stock. It’s based on an original watercolor and acrylic painting done by me, Ian Cross.”

There are a limited number of these left, the posters are signed and numbered and are from a run of 200.

The print ships for $12 total cost – paypal to iancliftoncross@yahoo.com to get one of these awesome prints!

2 thoughts on “Ian Cross Superball IX print”

  1. Hi, I emailed you earlier, but I wanted to know if there were any of these prints left? I’d love to get my hands on one

  2. Hey man. You sold me a print. Gave me the special Ian discount for a fellow Ian. Just wanted to say whats up and thanks for the awesome print. Everyone keeps commenting on it. Got it framed hanging in the basement bar.

    Also, I posted all three nights of Super Ball IX on http://www.danceswithwooks.com under live tunes and video tab. If you feel like groovin check it out.

    You going to be at Chicago or Denver shows? I need more prints.


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