I’ll tell you about Donald Driver….

I’ll tell you about Donald Driver
who lives inside Green Bay.
Catches touchdown passes, mostly on Sundays.
He’s moving to the open field and he’s thinkin’ ’bout this catch
and hoping when he gets there, he won’t be second best

Keeps his eyes open, most of the game
Catches touchdown passes, mostly on Sundays
Adds to Cheesehead History with each and every play
The Packers will beat the Steelers Sunday and ‘I’m goin’ to Disney Land’ is what Driver will say

Like that Sunday when they beat Chicago
24 to 10
Bit of a rout if you ask me
But Cutler got sacked so it was in the can

They were moving through the rounds
And thinking bout the next
And hoping when they get there
Donald Driver will be the best

He keeps his routes open,
most of the day,
adds to his touchdowns,
every time he plays.
When he runs a post pattern
To throw, you don’t have to wait

Ill tell you about Donald Driver,
Who lives inside Green Bay

We’re going with Green Bay over Pittsburgh, 28-24

(revised from an original, author unknown)

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